July 27, 2020

QuickBooks Condense Repair Tool – Functionalities & Usage

QuickBooks Condense Data Utility or Condense Repair Tool is helping to prepare the Company knowledge report. At a number of cases, when you find yourself looking to archive the information report, you may stumble upon a machine error that hinders QuickBooks from condensing the ‘Data report.’ QuickBooks Condense Repair device is the troubleshooting instrument that may resolve the problem.

This article will enumerate information about the Condense restore or Condense Data Utility with its importance, utilization, functionalities, boundaries, and so on.

What is QuickBooks Condense Repair Tool?

The new condense function in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 offers an possibility to take away the audit path that lessens the report dimension however helps to keep the detailed transactions intact not like the normal File Condense function.

If you have got an outsized report this is obtaining over the top house, then QuickBooks Condense restore can assist to reduce the report dimension with none knowledge harm. The Condense function within the new model could also be sooner than was once within the earlier ones. To get admission to this option, apply the beneath steps:

  • Go to File
  • Tap Utilities
  • Now press Condense Data
  • Choose the primary possibility as proven beneath.
  • Choose ‘Next,’ and you’re going to see a understand announcing ‘Working in your report.’ Once the method is entire, there shall be a window telling you the entire aid of the report dimension and the positioning of the backup sooner than report optimization.

QuickBooks Condense repair tool

QuickBooks Condense Repair Tool Functionalities

QuickBooks Condense Repair Tool is essential and helpful, alternatively, if you Run the device to Condense a report it has a unique end result on other sections. You want to be absolutely acutely aware of all of the functionalities and its after-effects to score the specified end result. We will speak about now what impact does ‘Condensing a report’ has and until what context.

1. Non-reversible

If you need to condense your corporate knowledge report, first make sure that ‘Condensing’ is the most efficient Option for you. It is non-reversible as soon as finished, so it’s extremely really useful to take a look at out different choices sooner than. Below given are some related causes to make use of ‘Condense’ function.

  • A big Data File
  • You have upgraded all of your {hardware}
  • You are on the subject of a listing prohibit
  • Your accountant & technical give a boost to have agreed to it because the important possibility. They have already thought to be all different choices.

2. May now not scale back report dimension in some circumstances

If you employ ‘Inventory pieces’, then your listing doesn’t get diminished. As a end result, only a few transactions would possibly get Condensed with minimum alternate within the report dimension. Additionally, open transactions don’t get condensed with out affecting the File dimension.

3. May now not Fix File harm

When you need to restore a broken Company File thorough ‘Condense software’, once in a while, the Condense function may now not restore a ‘broken Company File.’ Use strategies similar to Restore a backup corporate report or Create a brand new corporate report to fix the wear. The Condense function in QuickBooks does now not take away the below-listed transactions.

a) Payroll transactions

It is not going to condense payroll transactions whether it is dated sooner than 31 Dec, or an worker’s W2 isn’t analyzed and reviewed.

b) Invoice, Payments, refund tests, & credit score memos 

These will even now not be got rid of if now not connected correctly to one another.

c) Payments recorded to Undeposited Funds 

The ones which aren’t deposited to a Bank Account

d) Bill Credits, Bills, Bill Payment Checks 

These paperwork is not going to take away if now not connected to one another correctly.

e) Estimates connected to Invoices

As estimates are non-posting entries & can’t be condensed to magazine entries

f) Sales Tax that’s not paid in ‘Pay gross sales Tax’

When you pay gross sales tax with tests then it leaves invoices open which are ‘Non-condensable.’

g) Transactions connected to a Non-condensable Transaction

If the transaction has connected to a non-condensable transaction that can be Non-condensable.

4. Affects explicit studies

The Condense function impacts a number of studies in a different way.

a) Account founded & Item founded record shall be solely correct because the entries at the account don’t get affected.

  • Profit & loss (accrual).
  • Balance Sheet (accrual)
  • Trial Balance (accrual)
  • Cash Flow observation (accrual)

The beneath Item founded studies shall be Blank as a result of all merchandise knowledge is long past.

  • Sales & Purchase studies
  • Job costing studies
  • A/R & A/P ageing studies

b)  All Cash Basis Reports

These studies can be faulty.

c)  Reports filtered by means of magnificence

The transactions which are summarized by means of the software is not going to have categories assigned. If you’re going to RUN a Profit and Loss record by means of magnificence that may display all quantities within the ‘Unclassified Column’.

d) Sales tax legal responsibility record

When you condense a magazine access, due to this fact an quantity is credited to the source of revenue accounts. However, QuickBooks does now not know which a part of the source of revenue is taxable and which is non-taxable. Moreover, the tax accumulated that comes from the invoices and not exists will display 0.

e) The Accounts Receivable collections record

The A/R assortment record displays ‘Condensed Journal Entries’ underneath ‘No identify.’ Moreover, the entries to A/R which aren’t connected to the last transactions are proven as open.

f) Sales & Purchase Detail Report

This record shall be clean, as there are not more invoices and expenses.

g) Audit Trail Report

The ‘Condense’ function gets rid of transactions from the corporate report, therefore these kinds of transactions shall be deleted from the Audit Trail record.

h) The reconciliation

When coming to the reconciliation, you’re going to see the aftereffects of condensing the report, i.e. you’re going to get a proper opening steadiness for the following reconciliation, tests & deposits not exist leading to wrong or no reconciliation studies. Lastly, the observation could be wrong because the remaining reconciliation has long past.

Note: Always understand that your unique studies are preserved and stored within the Backup & Archive Copy, or some other backup possibility you’re making. Therefore, sooner than taking a look to make use of Condense device, do reconcile all accounts, print the reconciliations, and the discrepancy studies. You can save those studies within the PDF layout, and concurrently create a Company report.

Usage QuickBooks Condense restore device

For QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and former variations

You are actually acutely aware of all of the functionalities and after-effects that Condense serve as may have at the report and different studies. The subsequent factor is to grasp, how is to Use the device. There are pre-requisites, after steps to imagine for ‘Condensing the Company File’ procedure. There is a listing beneath and can speak about those in relatively element to raised perceive the method.

  • Find the Non-Condensable Transactions
  • Run the Report
  • Prepare your Company File
  • Save Comparison Reports
  • Condense QuickBooks Desktop Company File
  • Period Copy Feature
  • Match the pre and publish Condense recordsdata.

1. Find the Non-Condensable Transactions

For QuickBooks Desktop Premier & Enterprise Solutions, you’ll run any ‘Report’ to view which might be the transactions that won’t get condensed. To acknowledge the Non-condensable transaction, you’ll view the original hyperlink with which you’ll deliver the transaction your display screen.

2. Run the record

The Next factor is to Run the Report. Follow the beneath steps

  • Go to File Menu>> Choose Utilities>> Select Condense Data
  • In the primary window of the wizard device, select ‘Transactions sooner than Specific date,’ and input the proper date.
  • Checkmark, ‘Create a record reflecting which transactions can’t take away.’ (non-compulsory)
  • Choose Next, and choose ‘Summarize Inventory Transactions’.
  • Select tips on how to Condense your stock and select ‘Next.’
  • Now choose the transaction teams you want to take away and select ‘Next.’
  • Press ‘Begin Condense’. QuickBooks will most effective run the record and won’t Condense it right here.

Note: When the record comes up, analyze it and connect each transaction that may be finished. For, e.g., An open bill was once blocking off the transactions associated with it; you’ll shut it and shut all different transactions that has connected to it.

3. Prepare Company File

To get ready the corporate report, carry out the beneath steps:

  • Firstly, Remove knowledge report last date. Remember you can not condense knowledge for any classes coming after the ‘Closing date.’
    Navigate to ‘Edit Menu’>>Preferences

    1. Choose ‘Accounting’ and cross to ‘Company Preferences’ possibility
    2. Choose Set/date Password within the last date segment
    3. Delete date within the ‘Closing date field.’
    4. Press OK
  • Run Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet to search for transactions stuffed in sooner than the corporate beginning date. If those transactions have now not changed to a correct date, then you can not repair them after the condense.
  • The subsequent factor is to Re-sort Lists.
  • Now ‘RUN’ rebuild & test knowledge utilities to be sure that there is not any knowledge harm.
  • Now Copy corporate report & again it up. Next, save this reproduction and the again up at a secured location

4. Preserve/Save Comparison Reports

Some data is misplaced endlessly, as soon as the report has condensed, The Comparison studies make sure that all of your data is unbroken. You can evaluate those studies with the studies that pop out after condensing. For long run use, Print or Save the beneath issues as PDF.

  • Profit & Loss for all of the dates (accrual founded)
  • Balance Sheets for all of the dates (accrual founded)
  • Cash Flow observation.
  • The A/R & A/P ageing element for all dates.
  • Any different very important studies recommended by means of the bookkeeper or your accountant

5. Condense QuickBooks Desktop Company report

Now we’re about to condense the corporate report. Perform the beneath steps.

Note: First of all, Condensing will take in step with the Company report dimension and machine efficiency. So, shut all different programs for sooner running. Secondly, if you’re having access to the Company report by means of a community, then run the ‘Condense knowledge Utility at the laptop the place it’s stored.

Run the device by means of:

  • Navigate to ‘File menu
  • Choose Utilities and cross to ‘Condense Data.’
  • You shall be requested to condense the pieces you need to condense from the ‘listing of transactions.’
  • Choose right here:
  Uncleared (unreconciled) financial institution and bank card transactions

Transactions marked “To be revealed.”

Invoices and Estimates marked “To be despatched”

ALL Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Order, and Pending Invoices

Whole Time and Mileage actions

Transactions containing unbilled bills and pieces


Customers and Jobs


Other Names


“Done” To Do notes


  • Choose ‘Begin Condense.’

Note: Before beginning the condensing QuickBooks will robotically create a Backup and an Archive Copy.

6. Period Copy

You can use this option if you’re a Premier Accountant or a QuickBooks Enterprise Version. The Period reproduction is if truth be told a ‘Condensed Version’ of the that has knowledge for a definite duration.

7. Match the pre and publish Condense recordsdata

Once the Condensing Company report is finished, make sure that sooner than and after Condense Data studies fit each and every different.

To do that

  • Re-run & print (else put it aside as PDF) the beneath studies
  • Profit & Loss (accrual founded)
  • Balance sheet for all dates (accrual founded)
  • Cash Flow observation

Compare the sooner than and after Condensed studies. They want to be equivalent. The condensed record must be the similar because the pre-condensed one as they’re in keeping with ‘Accrual-based’ abstract studies. Though, if there are discrepancies then:

  • Look for transactions which are growing variations
  • Restore the backup
  • Repair broken transactions & Rerun Condense knowledge
  • Create a New Company report or use the Restored Company report with out Re-running the Condense knowledge.

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