July 27, 2020

QuickBooks Display Issues – Learn & Resolve

QuickBooks is a extremely buyer pleasant accounting utility each Online and Offline. However, once in a while customers face some undesirable delays on account of mistakes; and QuickBooks Display Issues is one such downside. The show problems get up with the appliance, i.e., Intuit QuickBooks, most commonly for the high-resolution graphics shows (1920 x 1200 display screen decision & upper).

Several other problems can get a hold of the show reminiscent of some fields in QuickBooks Desktop show ‘Black’ instead of the predicted ‘White.’ This downside most commonly arises in QuickBooks Desktop when you find yourself overusing the product. 

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Display Issues?

Microsoft Windows Resolution and Font settings are crucial for right kind efficiency of QuickBooks show. However, if those two standards don’t seem to be optimized on a well timed foundation, you may even see the underneath signs:

  1. Transaction Form does no longer have compatibility the display screen
  2. The sizing icons positioned on the best appropriate of the window does no longer seem.
  3. Field Overwriting and label disappearance
  4. Buttons no longer discovered
  5. Distorted Screen seems while you maximize and reduce.
  6. Too huge fonts

Note:  To right kind this factor, alter your font, display screen decision, and different window settings such because the DPI.

What is DPI?

QuickBooks is coded and designed for the default home windows ‘Dot consistent with Inch’ atmosphere of smaller -100%. Several techniques with upper decision have DPI settings of 125- 150% which may end up in show problems. 

Solutions of QuickBooks Display Issues

Fix QuickBooks Desktop Fields show black as an alternative of White

Now we what are the issues that customers face as QuickBooks Display problems with the conceivable signs in your display screen. The subsequent factor is to know the way to right kind the problems. Now we can see the answers to rectify those problems.

Solution 1

  • Restart QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click the home windows get started button and are available at the Start Menu
  • Type ‘Task Manager’
  • Now press ‘Processes tab’ to turn the present processes working at the pc.
  • Look for a process- ‘QuickBooks (32 bit) or exe.
  • If you in finding QuickBooks first Click on it and press at the ‘End Processor Task’ possibility. Though, if you don’t see any cases of QBW32.exe or QuickBooks (32 bit), it manner all QuickBooks cases had been closed.
  • If the problem nonetheless prevails then ‘Reboot’ the gadget.

Solution 2

In case,  Solution 1 has no longer solved the issue then check out this resolution


  • Reboot Windows 10 or Windows Eight techniques
  • Open get started menu
  • Press at the Power possibility (home windows 10) or Power Option (home windows 8).
  • Select Restart
  • Now reboot Windows 7, Vista, or XP pc
  • Press ‘get started’ possibility at the taskbar
  • For Windows 7 or Vista
  • Click at the ‘small arrow’ this is appropriate to the ‘Shut down’ possibility
  • For XP
  • Click ‘Shutdown’ or Turn off the pc
  • Choose Restart.

Solution 3

Change Windows theme to ‘Basic.’

  • First, click on the ‘Start’ possibility
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select Personalization
  • When you’re on the ‘Basic & High Contrast subject matters,’ click on ‘Windows 7 fundamental ’
  • Restart Computer
  • Open QuickBooks and notice if the problem is corrected

Solution 4


Another resolution is to Run the ‘Reboot.bat’ to re-register QB Program recordsdata. Perform the underneath steps

  • Right Click QuickBooks Desktop icon
  • Select Open record location
  • Right click on ‘bat recordsdata’
  • Choose ‘Run as an ’
  • Ensure to run ‘bat record’ with home windows Admin rights.
  • The record will show bat or reboot (relying at the Windows folder choices settings)
  • A black window with scrolling title will seem, and it’s going to shut as soon as the ‘bat record’ software has finished. Remember to not shut the window Manually.
  • Check if the issue is solved, else restart the pc.

Solution 5

Modify/edit QBW.ini record

  • Go to Windows possibility
  • Type or reproduction paste the right kind record trail to your QuickBooks Version
  • Click Enter
  • QuickBooks 2018: C:ProgramKnowledge IntuitQuickBooks 2018 QBW.ini Enterprise Solutions 18.0: C:ProgramKnowledge IntuitQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18.Zero QBW.ini QuickBooks 2017: C:ProgramKnowledgeIntuit QuickBooks 2017QBW.ini Enterprise Solutions 17.0: C:ProgramKnowledgeIntuitQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 17.0QBW.ini
  • QuickBooks 2016: C:ProgramKnowledge IntuitQuickBooks 2016QBW.ini Enterprise Solutions 16.0: C:ProgramKnowledgeIntuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 16.Zero QBW.ini QuickBooks 2015: C:ProgramKnowledge Intuit QuickBooks 2015 QBW.ini Enterprise Solutions 15.0: C:ProgramKnowledgeIntuitQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0QBW.ini
  • Now pass on the finish of the record & reproduction paste the underneath given textual content into the record:


Classic- 0

  • Now save the qbw.ini record and Open QuickBooks to test at the factor.

Speak to a Certified knowledgeable at QuickBooks improve quantity to rectify the ‘QuickBooks show problems’

Solution 6

Update Video Card drivers to the new liberate.

  • Press the Start button
  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel’
  • Press the choice ‘Device ’
  • Right Click at the video card that looks, and make a choice ‘Update driving force ’
  • Choose ‘Search ’
  • For Manual updates of drivers, write the video card’s title from the Device supervisor this is within the ‘show adapters’
  • Now pass to the producer’s web page of your desktop and search for any guidelines from the producer’s web pages.
  • Look for the choice ‘Driver’ or ‘’
  • Enter video card’s title
  • Now, obtain the driving force
  • Now Run the obtain from the selected location & carry out the On-screen directions.
  • Restart pc.

Solution 7

Change QuickBooks houses.

  • Firstly, appropriate click on QuickBooks Icon
  • Make a left click on Properties
  • Click on ‘Compatibility ’
  • Now test the choice subsequent to – ‘Disable show scaling on excessive dpi/settings.
  • Select Apply
  • Press OK
  • Open QuickBooks and test if home windows are to be had.

Solution 8

Change Windows DPI settings

This resolution will range in steps as consistent with the Windows model.  

For Windows 8 & 7

  • Go on your Desktop and appropriate click on. Now press ‘Screen ’
  • Press at the hyperlink ‘make textual content & different choices better/smaller.’
  • Now, click on the circle subsequent to smaller-100%. You may have textual content/different pieces within the standard
  • Choose the desired option- ‘Log Off now’ or ‘’

For Windows Vista

  • On the Desktop, right-click & Click ‘’
  • Now at the left aspect, Press ‘alter font dimension’ (DPI)
  • Choose ‘Default ’

For Windows XP (96 DPI)

  • On the Desktop>>appropriate click on>> click on ‘Properties
  • Press at the ‘Settings ’
  • Press the ‘complex’ possibility
  • Now exchange ‘DPI atmosphere’ to Normal dimension (96 DPI)

Note: Even after troubleshooting or settings amendment, some techniques would possibly no longer paintings successfully. It is suggested to Log off / restart the pc after converting the DPI settings.

For Windows 10

Here we’re addressing the issue the place Display decision is simply too excessive for QuickBooks. We will alter the settings in order that QuickBooks shows icons in the usual dimension.  We have two advisable answers right here.

QuickBooks show problems home windows 10

Solution 1

  • Go to QuickBooks icon at the desktop and appropriate click on it
  • Select Properties
  • Now, at the ‘Compatibility tab,’ make a choice ‘Disable show scaling on excessive DPI settings.’
  • Click Apply and press OK
  • Open QuickBooks and test for the Windows now.

Solution 2

  • First Open the Company record
  • In the Edit Menu, make a choice ‘’
  • Select ‘Desktop View’ and press ‘My Preferences’
  • Now transfer view – from ‘a couple of home windows’ to ‘one window.

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