July 27, 2020

QuickBooks Error C=272 – Methods to Resolve

It is anxious to come across mistakes whilst you had been doing one thing essential and needed to prevent on account of an error. QuickBooks Error C=272 happens when operating QuickBooks Verify Data Utility or QB Rebuild information application to your laptop.

The answers additionally rely on the reason for the QuickBooks error; therefore it’s coming near to understand what ended in the mistake C=272.  Therefore, we can first look at the reasons after which transfer directly to the answers to rectify the QB Error C=272.

Note :

a) Try restarting QuickBooks Software and notice if the mistake c=272 is resolved. In this situation, it could be a case of Data harm.

b) You want to rule out the opportunity of any information harm ahead of checking out the answers. Try opening a pattern Company report and if you’ll see the mistake there then disable ‘ Windows 10 Compatibility ’. 

Fix QuickBooks Error C=272 in Four steps 

The QB c=272 downside must be solved in a scientific and advisable means. Below given are the 4 advisable steps to rectify the problem. As advised above, be sure that there is not any information harm ahead of checking out the answer. 

Step 1- Try Opening QuickBooks Sample Company report 

  • Open QuickBooks and press and dangle CTRL choices concurrently.
  • When you’re at ‘No Company Open’ window, then free up ‘’
  • In case the mistake happens ahead of ‘No Company Open’ window seems at the display screen, then transfer onto the following
  • Press the‘ Open pattern report’ possibility, and make a selection a pattern report from the checklist.
  • Now click on ‘Open pattern report’ possibility and click on ‘pattern report’ from the checklist.
  • Now open the pattern report.


  1. If the pattern corporate report opens with out appearing any error, then you’ll navigate to ‘Verifying & rebuilding QuickBooks corporate information else repair corporate report from backup.
  2. If the mistake is there when opening the pattern corporate report then transfer onto your next step. 

Step 2 – Disable ‘Windows 10 compatibility mode’ thru QuickBooks Desktop shortcut icon 

‘Windows 10 compatibility mode’ through QuickBooks Desktop shortcut icon 

  • Right-click on QuickBooks Shortcut icon
  • Next, make a choice Properties
  • Click ‘Compatibility’ tab
  • Ensure to unmark the Checkbox that claims ‘Run program in compatibility
  • Press OK
  • Press ‘Cancel’ possibility and transfer to your next step.

Step 3 – Disable Windows Compatibility for ‘qbw32.exe’ report. 

Disable Windows Compatibility for ‘qbw32.exe’ file.

  • Right-Click on QB icon Windows desktop
  • Click ‘Properties’
  • Open ‘QB Installation folder’ and click on ‘’
  • Press ‘Find ’
  • Next, right-click on qbw32.exe and press ‘Properties’ possibility
  • Click ‘Compatibility’
  • Unmark checkbox announcing ‘Run Program in Compatibility’
  • Click OK
  • Now, click on ‘Cancel’ possibility if the checkbox isn’t clicked
  • Shut down the ‘Windows Explorer’ and QuickBooks Desktop shortcut Properties’.

Step 4 – Open QB and the Company report 

The downside is resolved now, and you’ll take a look at opening the Company report to peer if the QuickBooks Error code c=272 is resolved.

Open QB and the Company file 

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