May 28, 2020

QuickBooks File Extensions and QuickBooks File Types with Differences

AIF’ This is the Accountant’s evaluation replica (the import file)This file is created when the Accountant’s replica is exported to import it to the consumer’s corporate file.‘.BDB’Timer Back-up fileThis creates when a consumer is trying to again up time knowledge in ‘QuickBooks Pro Timer.‘.BMP’Windows Bitmap fileThe files retailer/include “bitmapped pictures” utilized by QuickBooks‘.BPW’Business Planner file.This file isn’t subsidized up with the corporate file, this must be one after the other copied to the backups.‘. DES’Form design template fileThe file is made whilst exporting a sort design from the templates listing.‘.DOC’Word DocumentsThese paperwork are used to “write letters” serve as/motion.


Intuit Interchange Format fileIt permits you to import & export lists/transactions by way of textual content files with an ‘. IIF’ ext.   Instead, the QuickBooks SDK will have to be used to learn and write knowledge for QuickBooks and different apps.‘. INI’Configuration file this file permits you to reinforce “Online Banking.”‘.LDB‘MS Access file for Timer knowledge. This is an MS Access file required for the “*.TDB file”.‘.LGB’Little Green BoxLGB file incorporates encrypted information associated with user-names & passwords. The file is used when an SDK app is attached to an organization file and must be opened in an unattended mode. You require a username and password to open the relationship with the “Sybase server.”


Loan Manager DataThis file is made via the “Loan Manager” and shops information associated with loans. You need to one after the other replica this file to the backups.‘.ND’QuickBooks Network Data FileThis is a configuration file that permits get admission to to the QuickBooks corporate file. You need to stay this file and make certain that it does no longer will get deleted.‘.NPC’Online Banking File (out of date)It’s an internet banking layout utilized by former QB variations and was once outdated via “OFX” layout. Financial establishments not reinforce it.‘.QBA’Accountant’s evaluation replica (running replica)Accountant restores a QBX file, and the file is given a.QBA extension.‘.QBA.TLG’Transaction log file (for the accountant’s evaluation replica)When you back-up the accountant’s evaluation replica, QuickBooks initiates a log of transactions that continues shape the final time you probably did a back-up. If by chance, you could lose your knowledge it may be recovered with the assistance of this “Transaction log file.”


QuickBooks backup fileIt is a QuickBooks Company backup file. If you need to open the ‘. QBB’ file -navigate to File menu & click on Restore.‘.QBI’QuickBooks symbol fileThe symbol file will cling transactions till the time you switch them to the laborious power. File shops memory-resident adjustments to the information file. Once you shut the corporate file, “. QBI” file can be robotically deleted. If you come upon a QBI file when QuickBooks isn’t operating, it most certainly implies that QB crashed whilst you had a file open. Do no longer take away and stay QBI file when QBW file is open in QuickBooks.‘.QBM’QuickBooks Portable Company File (2006 v and above).This file is smaller than the QBB or QBW file and incorporates all of the knowledge. It doesn’t retailer the database indexing. It turns out to be useful for shifting the information file by way of the web as the information dimension is smaller than another file sort.


Web Connect file.This file is referred to as “Web Connect Online Banking obtain file.” You obtain this file from the financial institution whilst the usage of “Web attach way” for Online Banking.‘.QBW’QuickBooks for Windows corporate file primary file sort for the QuickBooks Company file.‘.QBW.TLG’Transaction log file (for QuickBooks corporate file)With the assistance of this file, you’ll retrieve misplaced knowledge for QuickBooks Company file.‘.QBW192.168.X.XXmta’Temporary Database FileThis is a brief file made via the “Database Manager” whilst opening the corporate file. The time you open the primary file, the brief file can be deleted.‘.QBX’Accountant’s evaluation replica (export file)When you generate an “accountant’s evaluation replica” of QuickBooks Company file, QB generates an accountant’s evaluation replica with a ‘.QBX’ extension.


QuickBooks Pro Timer files.In QBTIMER listing,  there’s a “Time monitoring knowledge from QuickBooks Timer.‘Archive Copy XX/XX/200X ABC.QBW.’An archive replica of the information fileA separate QBW file is made with the identify “Archive Copy XX/XX/200X adopted via the QBW file identify. The file is an actual replica of the corporate file earlier than condensing. You can use this file to view information that was once provide within the unmodified file.‘CONNLOG.TXT’Connection Log fileThis is the “Online Banking Connection log file” that has a log of every connection for the Online Banking.‘DownloadQBXX folder.’Download folderThe folder is made via QuickBooks to retailer the updates that get downloaded whilst you use “Update QuickBooks” serve as.

‘Images Folder’

Images folderIt shops “ brief copies’ of pictures utilized by QuickBooks.‘Inet Folder’ Inet Earlier was once used to retailer “License data” for QuickBooks.‘QBInstanceFinder’Instance Finder fileYou can delete the file, even though it will once more arise in some  QuickBooks variations.‘QBrestor.TMP’Temp repair the file.The file is made whilst restoring the QBB file that was once deleted robotically throughout the repair procedure.


QuickBooks Log file.The file is created/ up to date whilst you run test/ rebuild choice. It is helping to seek out “Log Problems and eventualities corrected.” It is saved in QuickBooks Installation listing.‘QuickBooks Letters Templates folder.’Letters FolderThis folder incorporates ‘phrase file templates” for QuickBooks ‘ write letters serve as.‘Temp1234.qbt’Temp rebuild file. It is created throughout “Pass 1 of the rebuild” & is deleted robotically when the rebuild is done.

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