November 16, 2020

Ready To Go Viral? 6 Strategies For Growing Your TikTok Account

You may have heard of TikTok, but is it worth the hype? Considering the app has more than 1 billion users, the answer is yes.

Anyone can go viral, but never has this been more attainable than with TikTok, which is why you need to be active on the app. No longer just a teen app, TikTok marketing is a fun way to reach a broad audience and stay up to date with the latest trends.

People are getting savvy to this trending app, seeing as it’s the fastest growing social media platform that exists.


So, what makes it so popular?

What’s The Hype About TikTok?

TikTok isn’t just popular because it’s the number one place to jump in on the latest challenges; it’s popular because anyone can find something interesting from the app.

In fact, users spend an average of 52 minutes a day on TikTok. Ready to get your content in front of their eyes?

From woodworking tutorials to easy recipes to kitchen hacks and beyond, TikTok is a digital rabbit hole filled with stimulating content.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to know how to dance to go viral — although it certainly doesn’t hurt to learn a few moves.

Keep reading for a roundup of the best ways to use the app, create viral content, and strategies to land your latest video on the top of everyone’s “For You” page.

Fill Out Your Profile Details

Your first order of business is to set up your profile. You’re not just creating another personal profile, but a branded space to grow your influence. When people land on your profile, describe your content in a few words.

Here’s how:

  • Fill out your profile description. Your bio is the one spot people will learn a little more about you and the content you share. Are you a chef sharing recipes? A dancer sharing tutorials? Fill people in with a few short words in your bio, like this example from photographer @jordi.koalitic.
  • Choose a high-quality, friendly profile pic. Show people who’s behind the magic with a professional (but personable) profile pic or logo like Canadian footwear brand @Vessi.

Once you’ve fleshed out your profile, you’re ready to start sharing content. So, what should you post?

Post Snappy, Bite-Sized Videos Often

The success of TikTok marketing relies on short, bite-sized, highly engaging videos. It’s best to save long videos for YouTube or IGTV.

Instead, share videos that grab people in the first 1-2 seconds, so they don’t swipe down to the next video.

But it’s not enough to nail your content. You’ll need to post consistently to bring in new followers and keep them stimulated.

As you create content, ask yourself:

  • Is it short?
  • Does it engage viewers immediately?
  • Is it shareable?

If the answer is yes, put it in your posting cue. In addition, create a regular posting schedule to stockpile content to continuously keep your followers engaged.

Restrain yourself from posting content that’s too convoluted or complex. You might think it’s odd to share informational content on an app that favors short-form content, but you absolutely can!

The key is to keep educational videos short, concise, and easy to follow, like this simple, delectable, viral whipped coffee tutorial.


Join Viral Audio Trends

Audio has a considerable presence on TikTok and can make or break your video. Many people go viral on the app by simply acting to another video’s audio track.

If you’re struggling to conceptualize ideas, start by jumping in on popular audio trends like the #checkonyourneighbors challenge — which blew up following the worldwide COVID lockdowns.

Whether you jump on a dance challenge or film yourself chatting to hilarious audio, people love seeing other people act out trends.

Another way to grip our audience is to carefully select audio that makes people laugh, cry, or dance! Prime example? Pet videos!

Pets are the real stars of TikTok, and you can create hilarious content with cleverly chosen music, like this famous dancing dog or these mud-soaked troublemakers.

You don’t need a four-legged friend to go viral. Instead, find a trending audio clip, turn the camera on yourself, and hit record, like this humorous video of Wayne Brady succumbing to the temptation of eating an entire cake.

Even though you’re using audio from another video, you can still get creative with your content! There are millions of videos of people using the “Don’t Do It” audio clip — from a DIY hair cut to an amateur bathroom remodel.

On TikTok, the possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Level Up Your Recording Gear

Yes, anyone can go viral on TikTok, as proven by 99.6 billion views of the hashtag #prank. But if you want to build a following beyond one hair-brained viral video, you’ll need to level up your recording equipment.

Here’s a checklist of items to elevate your video quality:

  • A quality video recorder. You could invest in a 4K camera, but it depends on the type of content you’re posting. Most users record videos with their phone cameras, but a good camera isn’t the only ingredient you’ll need to succeed on TikTok.
  • Lighting equipment. If you’re sharing makeup tutorials, recipes, or how-to content, a ring light will illuminate your content with soft, bright lighting and position you as an influential TikTokker.
  • Unique backgrounds. One popular video style is to record yourself in front of interesting images that pertain to your content. A great way to individualize your video is with PosterMyWall’s high-quality TikTok backgrounds. Browse hundreds of designs and download for free to give your videos an edge.

You’ve got your gear, a reliable posting schedule, and a complete profile; how else can you promote your TikTok account?

Cross-Promote Your Content On Other Channels

The beauty of TikTok is that it’s short-form, which opens the door for you to drive people to your other social channels, and vice versa.

Cross-promotion will build awareness on other social channels and compound your content’s impact. Best part? All you have to do is save your video to your phone’s camera roll and start uploading it to other social channels.

For example, say you took five hours of footage of a home decor project. Well, you have 15-60 seconds for a TikTok video, but you can reuse more of the footage you took and create a full-length YouTube video.

Post the teaser to TikTok and drive people to the full-length video via your profile link.

And that’s just one way to cross-promote your content.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Create a Youtube compilation of your best TikToks, like this one of Vine star turned viral TikTokker, Zach King.
  • Post your TikTok videos to Instagram Reels. Reels are the same format as TikTok videos, so why not upload them to IG also?
  • Tease your videos on Instagram Stories to get people hyped. Don’t forget to encourage people to “Swipe Up” or visit your bio link to follow you on TikTok.
  • Put your TikTok profile link in the bio of your other social channels. When people visit your Instagram or Twitter, direct them to your profile description link to find more great content on TikTok.

Ready to go viral? Here’s one last piece of advice before you hit record…

6. Have Fun And Be Yourself

Unlike other curated platforms like Instagram, TikTok is a virtual playground where you can let loose and flex your personality. Do people follow @iamtabithabrown for her vegan recipes?

Sure, that’s part of it, but the main reason is that her personality and warmth instantly put a smile on your face.

Yes, the recipes look delicious, but recipes alone don’t get you 4.5 million followers on TikTok; personality does.

When it comes to promoting your TikTok profile, remember to:

  • Post consistently
  • Share short, engaging videos
  • Join popular challenges to stay relevant
  • Cross-promote your content on other social channels
  • Level up your recording gear
  • Be yourself, because, on social media, authenticity wins!

Now pour yourself a frothy glass of whipped iced coffee and let the brainstorming begin!

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