August 20, 2016

Have You Ever Wondered Why iPhone Ads Always Show 9:41 AM? There’s An Interesting Reason Behind It, Check It Out!

People who use iPhones, this article is especially for you guys. iPhone lovers do many kinds of stuff with their phones with its features. iPhone is a revolutionary thing itself. But had you ever wondered why Apple has a distinct advertising with regards to iPhones?

iPhone 9.41 AM

Didn’t get? There are few patterns and observations of trademark Steve Jobs and his then-followers-now-change makers ensure that it’s observable every time. Well, I am talking about the time “9:41 AM” posted on every iPhone in the ads.

Many of us don’t observe such small things. But there is a reason behind the time shown on iPhone ads. It is good to know and you don’t have to waste much time on this. Check it out.

Apple features 9.41 AM

Is 9:41 AM Steve Job’s birthday? Or it’s when he first opened Apple to the world? Or it is the time when Steve Jobs thought of that ‘eureka’ moment that later puts iPhone’s into reality? Let us not stop guessing the reason.

This idea of flashing the time 9:41 AM on every iPhone ad is of Steve Jobs. This trademark was born on 2007, due to Job’s assumption that the official launch of iPhone at the 2007 Macworld Conference and Expo is at 9:41AM.

Steve Jobs introduces iPhone

Steve Jobs told his team dedicated to advertising iPhone’s to make the device’s appearance cooler by putting the exact time he thinks he’ll hit for presenting the smartphone for the first time. It’s 41 minutes all-in-all, and 9:41AM was really the time hit.

Jobs said that “This is the day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years.”

With that time in mind, Jobs got the media team at Apple to design the slides to show the iPhone showing 9:41 AM. What’s more important is that Steve Job’s level of perfection has continued by the leaders after him as well. Though it is a small story but it means a lot to Apple and iPhone of course.

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