September 21, 2017

This Is How Much iPhone X Costed For Apple

iPhone X has been the talk of the town for various reasons since its release. There were many speculations going on around these phones especially about the Facial Mapping Technology, Bezel-less Design, its exorbitant price, etc of the iPhone X from the day of its announcement.




Everyone has their own opinion about the iPhone X and its concerning price. But this article is about the cost of the individual components that build the iPhone X. Given below is the list of components and their price which constitute iPhone X.

Component Price
Super Retina Display(supplied by Samsung) $80
NAND memory(supplied by Toshiba) $45
A11 Bionic Chip $26
3D-facing sensor $25
Qualcomm modem $18
Bluetooth, wireless charging, stereo speakers, water and dust resistance $218
Total Cost $412

Most of the components used in building an iPhone X are made by Apple itself. But some of the components are not manufactured by Apple, instead, they are supplied to Apple by vendors. These vendors include Samsung, Toshiba. As a result, the cost of iPhone X has been increased.


As you can observe the total sum of these components is around $412(Rs 26,445). But there are many other factors which affect the selling price of iPhone X such as salaries of its employees, Marketing, advertising and Retail overheads. Research and Development(R&D), Augmented Reality(AR) are the other two things on which Apple invested a huge amount of money.

These figures are just a rough estimate and the cost of individual components could cost more than this. Even though Apple would get a good amount of profit margin, it won’t be as high as you expected.

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