June 18, 2022

Reasons of Mobile Application Fail

A mobile application is a tool that every self-respecting company has nowadays. This is a tool that increases the flow of customers, and the number of sales, and also creates an unsurpassed convenience in using the company’s product or services. Every day more and more new applications are created. Statistics tell us that half of the applications are rewritten and redesigned in the first two years of their existence. Why is this happening? It can be suggested that during the development of such a product, some errors and shortcomings were made, all of this led to the fact that it began to work inefficiently and bring the wrong result, another from what the customer originally expected. After monitoring such situations, we have collected 5 main reasons for a mobile application failure:

1. Low-security level. As the operation of the application is associated with access to the public API, where all data is stored, it is necessary to maintain a very high level of security at all times. Your users see the information and data they need by means of this API, and it allows them to interact with you. Also, the application stores the data of your consumers, which should be as safe as possible. But, some developers may be oblivious to the issue of security in the rush of development. As a result – information leakage, database hacking, and other unpleasant situations sharply repel users to use the app. That is why choosing outstaffing services which will be involved in your project creation, you need to pay increased attention to their professionalism.

2. Underestimation of opportunities. The creation of a mobile application requires a lot of investment, both time and money. According to statistics, the development of an average app costs about $250,000 and takes 1 year. But the desire to speed up this process both by developers and the customers can lead to undesirable consequences. This issue must be approached with the utmost seriousness and realistically assessed capabilities. If you do not have enough resources, then you need to wait, accumulate them and be ready to launch a quality development process some later.

3. Overly complicated application. The web product should be as simple as possible, especially for users. All you have to do there is create an account by quickly filling out the form. The faster the registration process, the more your users will like it. But there are options when the application has too complex functionality. Problematic registration, many unnecessary functions, and so on. All these factors scare off your client and you risk failure.

4. Lack of updates. Many people think if they create an application once, it will function for many years without additional updates. But it’s not. Trends change very quickly, so your digital tool must keep up with the times and follow all modern trends. Research shows that 75% of apps were built from the ground up and never changed. The users downloaded them 1 time and many of them have never even used them. Updates availability is a must if you want to be on the move, attract new customers, and interest the existing ones.

5. Lots of pop-up ads. While deciding to squeeze the maximum profit out of your application and agree to any ads that you are offered to run in your application, you will also fail. Users are annoyed by too many constantly pop-up windows and this may cause their reluctance to use it further. At first, you should refuse any advertisements to avoid losing your customers. Concentrate on your core services, and do your best to make customers feel comfortable and not annoyed by anything external.

While searching for a mobile app development firm it is necessary to take into account the above factors in order to prevent them from appearing in your application. Careful study of reviews about specialists who will cooperate with you will help you decide on a development company. Also, be sure to check out the already created projects, make sure that they have been successfully functioning for a long time, and pay attention to their popularity. It will also be useful to find additional information about the possible reasons for the app’s failure from real creators who have gone through this and have something to share.

About the author 

Elle Gellrich

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