September 5, 2015

Top 7 Reasons to Buy LG G4 – New Flagship Device

Smartphone usage has become a trend in the current advanced tech generation. There are huge number of manufacturing companies that launch smartphones every day. Launching smartphones into the market is not a big deal, but have you ever checked whether all the devices that have been launching into the digital market are reaching the essential requirements of the user? In fact, currently there is a shortage of top-end Android devices out there on sale in the market. People who craves to use an opulent handset with stunning display and high-end specifications, the brand new LG G4 is certainly a best choice. There are many other phones which are kept on sale and you might be in a predicament to pick out best android smartphone with excellent design and amazing features.

LG G4 - Reasons to buy

Well, you don’t have to worry any more to choose a phone with spectacular appearance and high-end features. We are here to guide you to select an amazing device by providing you seven top-most reasons to pick the LG G4 over the other current premium handsets like Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and many other devices. Let us have a look at the top 7 seven to buy LG G4 over other premium handsets.

1. Futuristic Design

LG G4 comes with a smart subtle curve design in which its futuristic shape added extraordinary look for the handset. The complete beauty of LG G4 lies in its fantastic design along with a systematic positioning of all the short buttons on the back of the device near the camera lens.

7 reasons to buy LG G4- futuristic design

The leather-finish back panel comes with a camera, power button and volume rocker keys at the back which provides much ease for user to operate even with a single hand if required. You can leave your thumb free for doing all your on-screen actions such as turn on and off the device, ease to take photos and many more.

2. Stunning Look with Handmade Leather

Most of the smartphone manufacturers are designing the handsets using glass and metal whereas LG has given a stunning look for its brand new G4 with a genuine handmade leather back. If you wish to give even more podgy look additionally for the LG G4 handset, there are other cheaper plastic back cover alternatives available in the market.

LG G4 - Stunning Look with Genuine Handmade Leather

The handset is available in variant colors of handcrafted genuine leather with unique textures and you can pick any one from six variants such as black, brown, red, sky blue, beige and yellow. However, it doesn’t stay unsullied forever, but is very handy and provides extreme comfort to hold the device.

3. Large Removable Battery

The brand new smartphone comes with a large removable battery which can be easily replaced just by flipping the device’s back cover. Although there are many smartphone manufacturers eschewed by the removable battery approach, LG has sticked to this same old replaceable battery approach. The phone packs with a solid battery of 3,000 mAH that can work for a complete day even after heavy usage and near-full brightness.

LG G4 - Large Removable Battery

Usually, the battery life time will be less when you first bought your phone and as you use it vigorously, it starts to die faster. So, you can easily replace the battery by a new battery if you have removable battery option. That is the reason; LG designed the handset with a large removable battery. Moreover, it is effortless to carry a spare battery rather than carrying a portable power pack along with you which also require charging.

4. Amazing Camera with Advanced Features

The new flagship phone comes with both the LG UX 4.0 software and the LG G4 hardware that provides much ease for the end-user.  It must be noted that the device is extremely handy to use as the buttons to operate camera are located around the back of the handset in order to quickly snap a shot anytime, anywhere. You need not get into the apps and select the camera and then take a snap. All this is a hectic process and to avoid this, LG G4 comes with much handy solution and also you can take a snap right from the lock screen.

Amazing Camera with Advanced Features - LG G4

The camera comes with a blazing fast f1.8 aperture lens and 16 megapixel camera for taking amazing photos. You can use this phone to take a snap even you’re indoor with low light or outdoor in a bright light as the device is enabled with HDR-mode and it can also record 4K video. It has ability to take photos with a gesture and you can gather all necessary updates together in a smart dashboard.

5. Functions as a Remote Control

You can use LG G4 not only as a smartphone, but also functions as a remote control. The device is designed with an infrared sensor present on the top of the handset that works like a remote control. This is almost similar to the remote for a TV or cable box which is accompanied by a QuickRemote app.

LG G4 works as a Remote Control

This app does complete work like analyzes your TV, cable box, receiver, surround sound and everything. Once the setup is done, you can control your entire house with this smart device. It also supports Air-conditioner, Washer and Dryer units, thermostats which have a built-in Wi-Fi.

6. Safer & Durable due to Curved Shape

You might have observed that the screen of the LG G4 is slightly curved in shape. By this design, you can easily handle the device and hold it in your hand with much comfort. It is not flat like other smartphones rather it is curved and less in contact with the surface whenever you place it face-down.

LG G4 curved design - Safer and durable

One more thing which landed this phone in a top place is that it can survive even dropping it for several times. It is much safer and durable than a flat smartphone. So, if you have a habit of slipping your precious handset intently ot unknowingly, then LG G4 design better suits you.

7. Turbo Charging

You have already seen that the new flagship phone comes with a large removable battery. Not only does the LG G4 have a removable and replaceable battery, but also the phone works with relatively new and advanced technology called Quick Charge 2.0.

LG G4 - Turbo Charging

Compared to other smart devices, the G4 battery charges much faster. From 0 to 50 % it charges like a turbo at an extremely fast rate and it gets charged in less than 30 minutes up to 50%. Then, it gradually slower down to regular speeds so as to conserve and safeguard the life of the battery.

These are the topmost seven reasons for people who wish to buy the LG G4 and you would surely love this smartphone for its stunning appearance, smart features and all the other above mentioned reasons. One of the most adorable reason to buy LG G4 is that it is designed with a handmade genuine leather which feels great and it has awesome display screen with powerful camera that is capable of snapping great photos along with 4K video. Hope this guide helps you to get pretty good reasons to buy the brand new LG G4 smartphone.

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