March 23, 2017

How To Record Whatsapp Calls With Android/iPhone Devices

Whatsapp needs no Introduction, isn’t it? Everyone use it for Chatting with friends/family. Nowadays, people use WhatsApp daily for about at least 4-5 hours. The number is high in youngsters. Whatsapp messenger is mainly for chatting with friends/family whereas, some people use Whatsapp for their Business chatting. Whatsapp was recently updated with a new feature by which we can call to our friends/family on Whatsapp for free.

Many of us are using Whatsapp Calls, because of increasing voice call rates. Thus, Whatsapp got many new users because of this feature. This feature was added quite some time ago, but its users are still waiting for something new i.e. Whatsapp Call Recorder. One thing that disappoints the WhatsApp users is that there is no option in WhatsApp to record call in our device. This is one of the common questions in every Whatsapp user’s mind.

How to Record WhatsApp calls

According to the search reports, it is noted that people have even searched on the Internet for “How to record WhatsApp Call?” Though WhatsApp has no option of call recording in it, there are few ways to record WhatsApp calls. In this tutorial, we are going to present you the steps on how to record WhatsApp calls on Android/iPhone. For this, you don’t need any root access for using this process in your device.

There are many apps in Google PlayStore which claim to do the recording of WhatsApp calls. However, the below are some of the best, tried and tested apps. So you can be sure that it will work. Well, let’s get started.

WhatsApp Call Recording On Android Device:


1. First, download Whatsapp Call Recorder app on your Android from here: Download

2. After downloading, install and open it on your device.

3. Now open Whatsapp and make a call to anyone.

4. After the call gets connected, just open Whatsapp call recorder app and click on Red circle button. Thus, it starts recording the call.


5. Now when you want to stop recording, just click on (square inside the circle) button below Red button.

6. Hence, your call recording stops and is saved on your SD Card.


1. Download and Install Messenger Call Recorder app from PlayStore.


2. After installing, open the app and it asks to turn on the “Messenger Call Recorder” from your phone settings. Click on ENABLE NOW, it will navigate you to the Settings where you can enable it.


3. You can also set it manually by heading to Settings and select Accessibility. Under Accessibility, tap on Messenger Call Recorder and turn it on.

List of WhatsApp call records

That’s it. Next, you call WhatsApp call, you can record it. To find your recordings open Messenger Call Recorder app and all your WhatsApp call recordings will be listed there. You can also share WhatsApp call recording via email, WhatsApp, Skype and more using this app.

WhatsApp Call Recording On iOS Devices:

At First, make sure you have Jailbreak on your iPhone, and Cydia Installed in it.

1. Open Cydia from your iPhone.

2. Open Cydia and search to download Watusi in BigBoss repo, as you already know it is the best repo for iPhone.

3. Watusi s is the premium application so if you want to purchase it, its best option otherwise you have to search for free on Google.

4. After successfully installing Watusi app, just open Whatsapp messenger and go to settings.

5. You will see a new option of Watusi Preferences there. Click on Record Calls option and enable it.

6. Now, simply make a call to anyone, and your calls will be recorded automatically.

7. You can get your recorded calls from Recent Panels button.

All the above methods and apps are exclusively for recording WhatsApp calls and won’t record cellular calls or other VOIP calls like Skype etc.

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