November 21, 2019

Refurbished Laptops- All There Is To Know

What Are Refurbished Laptops?

Refurbished laptops are devices which have been returned prior to use because of either a manufacturing defect or simply because the customer did not like what they purchased. They must not be confused with used laptops which have been used previously by the customer and then put up for resale on any website. Many vendors and retailers sell refurbished laptops online, which offer the same utility as that of an unused one but at cheaper prices. Dell refurbished laptops is one such online place. Here customers can find a number of Dell’s refurbished laptops listed for sale.

Why Are Refurbished Laptops Cheaper?

Since they have been called back for fixtures by the manufacturer, they remain off the electronics market for a while. In the meantime, new developments and fresh devices are stocked. Thus, by the time refurbished laptops make it back to the shelves, they lose some of their monetary value in the eyes of the customer.

Ask yourself a simple question, why would a customer buy a refurbished laptop at the same price as that of a new one if they could afford to buy the new one easily? The answer is simple- if the customer can afford to buy the new one easily, they will. Thus, refurbished laptop’s only edge over new laptops is in terms of their prices. Customers who are looking for discounts and cheaper laptops with the same utility as that of a new one can easily go for this option.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Laptops

The benefits of buying refurbished laptops include not just a discounted price but also greater assurances of quality performance as they have been upgraded according to the highest standards possible. This second benefit of buying refurbished laptops is also their edge overused ones.

Hence, in a market where customers have multiple options to choose from, they can go for refurbished laptops that offer all of the attributes of a good and new working laptop which include less price, equal utility, and greater performance guarantee.

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Downsides of Refurbished Laptops

There is a downside to buying refurbished laptops. Though there are no differences in the utility offered by a new and a refurbished laptop, there are differences in the specifications. This means, when you decide to buy a new laptop, you look for features like RAM, faster processor, hard drive, preinstalled software versions, etc. When it comes down to comparing the two breed of laptops here, the newer ones take the lead. Refurbished laptops generally have a lower RAM capacity.

Other than that, their hard drive capacity is also not anywhere near the new one. To be very specific, a new laptop has 320 GB hard drive, 4GB RAM and the latest version of software installed on it. On the other hand, a refurbished laptop only has 60 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM and older versions of applications and software on them. Thus, features remain the same but specifications differ.

Refurbished Laptops vs. New Laptops

When it comes down to a specific comparison of refurbished and used laptops, the edge in this case again lies with the refurbished laptops. Even though the used laptops might have better specifications since they were bought as a fresh item from the shelf, the fact that they have been used over a certain period of time by the buyer to the best of their ability cannot be overlooked. Additionally, the prior users list these laptops for resale after they have derived maximum utility from them. These reasons still present themselves as a turndown for used laptops.

So although the features and specifications of used laptops might be exactly the same as new ones, the facts listed above disqualify them as a go-to choice for customers. Another perception associated with used laptops which makes their cheaper price, not at all appealing is that their utility has been vanquished, their owner is selling them at low rates just to gain some salvage value out of them. Hence, refurbished laptops receive thumbs up when compared to used laptops.

Last but not the least, the feature which does give refurbished laptops an advantage over new ones is the fact they have more years of life to them as compared to the newer ones. The new laptops come in batches with each device having a life expectancy. Refurbished laptops, since they are fixed and failing parts are replaced, are programmed in a way to work for more years than the newer ones. This is one feature where refurbished laptops beat both of its substitutes: the new and the used laptops. Used laptops as expected have a lower life expectancy since the kind of use they have been subjected too and how many times the original buyer got the device fixed for their personal use is not known to the fresh buyer. Thus it is safe to assume that used laptops do not have a life expectancy that can match up to either the new laptops or the refurbished ones.

So, if you are a user who has just broken their current device and is price sensitive but wants an option that holds a guarantee that it will work equally as good if not better than a new laptop, then you must go for buying the refurbished laptops. In addition to all the features mentioned above, buying refurbished laptops will give you the comfort of receiving value against the price you pay for them.

Refurbished laptops are a great way of receiving maximum value at cheaper rates. For people who like to make economic decisions and need laptops with longer battery life, refurbished laptops are a great way for adding value to their lives. Additionally, the memory specifications, though appear as a downside can be upgraded whenever required by the user. Just pay your vendor or local laptop shop keeper extra bucks and get these features upgraded to exactly like that of a new one.

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