September 3, 2022

Relic Tickets Uses NFTs to Turn Ticketing into an Experience

Most people would not describe event tickets — like those that get you into ball games, music concerts, or art exhibitions — as exciting in and of themselves. Even fewer would refer to them as “rewarding.” In rare cases, you might call a ticket special, especially if it is the one that lets you see your favorite artist during their farewell tour, but would you call it “extraordinary?” Probably not.

Relic Tickets is out to change that. This company’s vision is to make ticketing an experience that rewards eventgoers while giving event organizers powerful new tools for managing sales and boosting profits. By utilizing the latest Web3 technology, Relic makes the ticketing process safe, secure and satisfying for all parties involved.

“We are the disruptors, slicing through the same old, tired ticketing system with our cutting edge tech,” explains Hunter Abramson, CEO, and co-founder of Relic Tickets. “Relic Tickets brings all the benefits of Web3 without negatively affecting the current ticket holder process. We allow businesses and brands to amplify ticketing from all angles. Our mission, on top of disrupting the ticketing industry, is to collapse the distance between fans and their passions.”

Relic is revolutionizing the ticketing process through the use of blockchain technology. The result is a digital smart ticket that goes beyond simply granting access to events. The power of blockchain allows the ticket to become a part of the overall event experience.

“Once someone buys a ticket through the Relic app, they can receive direct communication from the event organizer,” Hunter explains. “This allows those hosting the event to deliver increased value, such as gifts, prizes, or insider information, even before the event begins. It’s just one way that Relic makes ticketing rewarding for users and creates a much more personal relationship with their memorable experiences.”

In addition, because Relic’s system is built on blockchain, tickets can be issued as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). After being used to gain access to events, the tickets can be sold as collectibles on secondary markets. In other words, the value of the tickets is not erased after the event comes to a close.

For those in the business of issuing tickets, Relic provides a platform that allows you to streamline processes and optimize profits. Some of the platform’s benefits include:

  • A user-friendly interface that allows for unlimited ticket types and upsells, all made available in the same place.
  • The Gateway Entrance Protocol ensures tickets can be securely exchanged on both the primary and secondary markets.
  • In-depth marketing insight on ticket holders that allows for targeted interactions.
  • Immediate access to funds raised through ticketing.

Relic also provides ticket sellers with a solution for combating counterfeiting. Whereas traditional tickets are easily faked, blockchain technology ensures that smart tickets are authentic and immutable. Relic also uses a revolving QR code to keep tickets secure until they are unlocked at the event.

Bands, artists, or other brands using Relic’s innovative platform can leverage the platform to build community through direct communication with ticket holders. By using the app for direct communication, brands can make sure ticket holders get important information on upcoming events, presales, and safety guidelines. And by adding utility to the NFT tickets, brands can inspire greater fan loyalty. When ticket holders do not have the capacity for engaging with NFTs, the Relic platform seamlessly masks the unavailable content.

“We understand that not every attendee will want technology for engaging with Web3,” says Hunter. “To address that, we mask everything Web3 that is not relevant. When it is relevant, we reveal it. So, for fans with a digital wallet, NFTs are delivered. For fans without, the same great ticketing experience is delivered without the NFT.”

Brands also gain a wealth of data on ticket sales and user activity. Real-time data shows ticket ownership and activity, providing significantly more actionable data and integrated safety features than traditional ticketing processes.

“We are obsessed with ticketing so you don’t have to be,” explains Hunter. “Our goal is to make life better — and ticketing easier — for the clients we serve and the fans that show up to support them. Thanks to truly digital NFT blockchain ticketing, anyone can now easily implement a more streamlined and secure system that removes all the pain points of the traditional system.”

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Elle Gellrich

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