June 14, 2021

What Is Royaltie All About and Is It a Good Opportunity for You?

If you’re interested in Network Marketing, you’ve probably heard of Royaltie being talked about amongst your peers, or you’ve seen it promoted on social media. Its rising popularity has probably caught your interest, leading you to research and read up on some reviews about it. Will you actually benefit from joining Royaltie, or is it all just a scam?

Well, right off the bat, Royaltie has a couple of red flags that could you make you want to turn away. For one thing, there’s no transparency as to who’s actually running the company. In fact, Royaltie’s website itself doesn’t provide important information such as the corporate address or any executive information that could help ease your worries about the company’s verity.

From what little information we could gather, the company’s affiliate agreement states that Royaltie is based in Ontario, Canada. And with a little more digging, we were able to find the official Vimeo channel of Royaltie, which had a video revealing that Justin Belobaba is the founder and the one who’s running Royaltie. We still don’t know why they couldn’t just add this information to Royaltie’s website, as it could greatly help answer people’s questions.

Overview of Royaltie’s Products

In the past, Royaltie was known for Royaltie Gem, a marketing software app, but now it appears that the company has abandoned that product and started fresh. Now, Royaltie touts the “first all-in-one marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence.” According to the website, this platform can be useful in various ways, including blogging, SEO, website hosting, social media, email, analytics, online advertising, and more.

There are three tiers to Royaltie’s pricing plans: Entrepreneur ($87/month), Small Business ($167/month), and Marketing Agency ($327/month). The main difference between the three is that the higher up you go, your quotas will also increase accordingly. For example, the Entrepreneur tier only allows a maximum of three AI marketing campaigns, while the other two can run five and ten, respectively.

Other than those three pricing plans, Royaltie also offers advertising impressions, which are priced as follows:

  • $30 for 5000 impressions
  • $50 for 10,000 impressions (but this is only available to Small Business and Marketing Agency only)
  • $112.50 per 25,000 impressions (only available to Marketing Agency)
  • $200 per $50,000 impressions (only available to Marketing Agency)
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

What Are the Compensation Plans?

Unfortunately, the only information we have regarding Royaltie’s compensation plan is from its compensation document from 2019. The company has yet to provide an updated compensation plan, so we’ll be basing the information we provide on the 2019 document instead.

How to Qualify for Commissions

According to the compensation document, there are some things you need to ensure first before you can start receiving commissions. Specifically, you need have to have “three active Level 1s and an active Affiliate account.” What do they mean by “active” affiliate account, though? From our understanding, your account will be an “active” affiliate one if you paid for a monthly marketing suite subscription. Then, you need to recruit at least three people (affiliates) who also do the same thing.

Residual Commissions

Royaltie has a uni-level compensation structure, and that’s how it pays the residual commissions. Having a uni-level compensation structure means that every affiliate is placed at the top of the team. Every other affiliate recruited by the affiliate on top is placed under them. This, then, means that they are a level 1 affiliate. If these level 1 affiliates also recruit other people, they’ll be considered level 2 affiliates under the original affiliate’s team. And it goes on and so forth down different levels.

How to Get Started With Royaltie

If you’re interested in trying out Royaltie and what it has to offer, you can try out the three-day free trial to see if the service fits your needs before you commit and become a member. Sadly, you’ll have no choice but to input your payment information, even if you’re just testing out the free trial. If you don’t want to become a member, make sure that you cancel the free trial before the three days are up because you’ll automatically be charged after those three days.

We can’t guarantee that Royaltie’s customer support team will be quick to cancel your access and remove you from their database, though. Three days doesn’t seem like sufficient enough time to explore what Royaltie has to offer, anyway.

Conclusion: Should You Sign up for Royaltie?

As mentioned, Royaltie has many red flags, and personally, we don’t think it’s worth signing up for. The company lacks transparency, and there’s barely any information available. For a company that supposedly focuses on marketing, it doesn’t do an excellent job of marketing itself to the public and making itself appealing.

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