June 1, 2019

Sad Images — 100+ Best Sad Images of Man, Woman & More

Sad Images of Man

Sad Images of Woman

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Sad Images of Boys

Sad Images of Girls

Sad Images of Dogs


Sad Images of Cats

Where to find sad images like these? How to download HD images?

Here’s a list of websites that offer free images in HD resolution that you could use on your PC, smartphone or website:


Pixabay is one of the most popular royalty-free stock and HD images websites, boasting over a million images. You could download any image and use them however you wish, either for personal or commercial use. No attribution or credit is required but is appreciated by the photographers.

How to download HD images from Pixabay?

Go to Pixabay and enter the name of the image that you want to download, such as “sad.”

Click on the image that you’d like to download. Click on the “Free Download” button once you’re on the image page (screenshot below).

Pixabay lets you download images in four resolutions. You could download images in 640×426 pixels, which is the lowest resolution, perfect for blog posts. Other resolutions available are 1280×853, 1920×1280, or 4500×3002–highest resolution.

You might be tempted to download the highest resolution, but the image size would be substantially higher as well, most ranging from 2 MB to 10 MB.


Unsplash is similar to Pixabay. It also has beautiful HD images that can be used freely by anyone. Unsplash is not as big as Pixabay, but it’s a close second,  boasting over 850K HD images.

How to download HD images from Unsplash?

Simply enter the search term in the search box, or you could pick one of the categories listed on the top of the page. Just below the search box, you could see the trending search terms for HD images (screenshot below).

You will see a list of images after entering the search term. Hover over the image that you’d like to download. Unsplash gives you two options, either download the image directly to a PC or smartphone or create a collection on Unsplash and add the image to it. You could also hit the “heart” button to like the image, and it will show up in your account history (screenshot below). Unfortunately, Unsplash does not have resolution options like Pixabay. You only get to download HD images and whatever resolution the photographer set for the image.

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List of websites to download more HD images:

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