December 11, 2017

SalesHandy- The Perfect Email Marketing Tool To Boost Your Productivity

Email continues to be considered the most effective way to communicate and also works as a great marketing tactic. Although it is the least difficult method to execute, it has its fair share of obstacles to overcome. Be it the deliverability rate issue faced by a marketer when he is not able to know if a recipient has opened the mail, sending personalized emails in bulk by a freelancer, or the difficulty faced by HR recruiters in sending follow up emails to find which applicants are interested and which are not. So, instead of becoming overwhelmed by trying several different software packages out there, you need a single solution that leverages the right tools and technologies in alleviating the majority of challenges. Well, if you are wondering if you could ever find something like this, then you must definitely consider trying out the SalesHandy.

SalesHandy is a set of data analytics and communication tool that helps the sales team become highly productive. It offers various tools featuring Email tracking, sending personalized emails followed by auto follow-up emails, and document tracking. Well if you are already amazed then better gear up for much more to come.

1. Mail Merge

Mail Merge is definitely the outstanding feature offered by Sales Handy because it allows you to send personalized emails to up to 200 recipients instantly without the need to worry about the deliverability issue. Whenever mass emails are sent, you might be considered a spammer. To prevent your messages from being spammed you can set a time interval between 2 emails to eventually increase the deliverability rate. And in case if some of the emails weren’t sent then you can track the reason for delivery failure along with the email addresses that were false. This feature can be used from any email account such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other.



1. First, integrate your Gmail with Sales Handy then create an email campaign by going to the mailmerge section in the dashboard.

2. Upload a CSV file with the recipients’ email addresses & personalized data. You can add up to 15 columns for entering the personalized data used as variables in the email content.

3. Compose your email using variables that will be replaced by the personalized data.

4. Finally, select the campaign schedule time & timezone at which the emails will be sent.


You can even configure the campaign by setting the time interval between two individual emails sent to ensure that the emails are delivered. You can CC or BCC email addresses and enable or disable the link tracking if any links are inserted. The link tracking lets you find out who all opened the attachments. Enterprise plan of SalesHandy offers a maximum daily email sending limit of 2000 emails which is a noteworthy number isn’t it?

2. Send Automatic Follow-up Emails

According to a study, 65% of the total recipients don’t respond to initial emails. To keep the conversations on a track send Auto follow-up emails to recipients according to their response – “not opened”, “not replied”, “sent”. They can be created and scheduled while creating a campaign, where you need to set a time interval, date and select the response type. Sales Handy allows you to send up to 9 follow-up emails which helps in increasing the response rate up to 95%. You can analyze the statistics through a detailed report for the follow-up emails at every stage.


3. Email Scheduling

You no longer have to wait until midnight just to click a send mail button. Email Scheduling is an interesting and extremely useful feature offered by Sales Handy which allows you to schedule your emails to be sent at a particular time and date. You also have the flexibility in selecting the time zone of the recipient giving you one less problem to worry about. View all your scheduled emails in the dashboard or the drafts section

4. Track Who Opened Your Emails

After sending an email or mass email you can even track who all opened, how many times the mail has been opened and also how many times you got a reply. If you don’t prefer constant monitoring then turn on the desktop notifications to get notified when an email is opened and mute it if you don’t need further updates. Finally, get a report of total emails sent, opened, and replied with percentage metrics. This method helps in estimating the interest level of the recipient.


Email Tracking is free for everyone and one can use the free email tracking extension by visiting here, install it, open your Gmail account, and the plugin will be loaded automatically. Click the “Track checkbox” when you compose an email to track emails.

5. Email Templates:

Create your own HTML template using Sales Handy and then use it in your email to avoid writing repetitive emails. You can save your time by 3 times by using the email templates.


6. Document Tracking

This is a fascinating feature that allows you to track documents, presentations, sales proposals, pitch decks, marketing material, sales collateral after sending them, etc. You can also understand the user’s engagement with the sent documents to improve the sales strategy.


This feature allows you to share password-protected files, reports, word files, PDFs, sales sheets, etc and prevents users from unnecessary downloading of the uploaded documents.

Sales Handy Price

Sales Handy offers a free trial and charges from $9 per month for the regular plan. Other plans include the Plus and the Enterprise plan which start at $20 and $ 50 per month respectively. SalesHandy also provides yearly plans at discounted rates.


Sales Handy is an ideal software for any small scale, medium scale businesses, bloggers, freelancers, and HR recruiters to grow their businesses and increase their reach. It is definitely a one-stop solution featuring email tracking, mail merge, document tracking, team management, email templates, etc for all the email-related problems faced in daily life. Moreover, you will get all these features at a pretty reasonable price. Also, it has been awarded the “rising star” award in the year 2016 and with the “great user experience award” 2017. These awards are a testimonial to how impactful Sales Handy is to businesses. We definitely loved using this tool and we would surely recommend this to our users.

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