February 28, 2021

Salient Features of Eppicard MS

With widespread development in the field of technology comes added ease and comfort in our lives. Things that weren’t feasible earlier are now highly doable and convenient. Under the umbrella of several distinguished advancements, Eppicard is the most alluring one.

Eppicard MS is known as the Mississippi e-payment card that is issued by the government of Mississippi, and is used by several departments, such as the Department of Human Services, Division of Economic Assistance, Division of Child Support, Department of Family and Children’s Services Adoption, and many more! Eppicard is used by these departments in order to issues secured payments and benefit those who are receiving the amount. The funds are directly loaded on the Eppicard and can be easily withdrawn in the form of cash. These cards are provided under the MasterCard brand, which is one of the most reliable brands, hereby proving the credibility of the transactions through Eppicard. It can be used anywhere as MasterCard debit cards are accepted everywhere!

Eppicard allows and permits users to get cash from any ATM that displays the MasterCard logo, and this allows you to get cash at Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark Bank ATMs without being charged any fee.

Transaction Fees Coming With Mississippi Eppicard

Besides the transactions from Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark bank ATMs, you will be charged some amount whenever you carry out a transaction from the Eppicard. $0.75 would be charged every time you inquire about the ATM balance, and $1.75 would be deducted whenever a withdrawing transaction is completed. In case your card goes missing, 5$ would be charged to get a replacement for the card, so make sure to protect your card. The fee can vary and can change with the passage of time, so keeping a check is extremely vital.

Eppicard Login 

Logging into your account is no science, You can easily access your account. What you need do is to visit the main site and locate Mississippi on the state-specific information. In case of forgetting your password, the instructions are given on how to reset and change your password. Make sure your password is strong and unique so that it can’t be accessed by anyone else. If you are using the website for the very first time, create your credentials and you are all set to go!

Eppicard Customer Service

Mississippi provides a toll-free number that is provided at the backside of your card. If you are having difficulty while figuring out the toll-free number from the backside of your card, then you can also visit the Mississippi state-specific page, and you will get the toll-free number easily. There are times when you have some complaints about the level of service that is provided, and you need some representative to hear your concerns, this toll-free number would connect you to the representative of customer support, and you can easily share all your concerns, and feedback with them.

Eppicard Balance Check

Keeping a check on net balance on your Eppicard is necessary and to get this done, you will have to log in to the website. If you have forgotten the password, reset and go ahead. If you have not created your account then click on the new user link, and create unique credentials. Once you are done logging in successfully, view your account balance and check your transaction history. Not just this, but you will also be able to see all the pending transactions that are not posted to your account yet. This helps you in evaluating whether the transactions are authentic or not. You can also build a practice of making sure that you are not over withdrawing money from your account.

Association With Core Bank

Eppicard is centrally associated with Comerica Bank that is headquartered in the US. It was founded in 1849, which exhilarates its credibility.

Withdrawal Limit

Most of the accounts and cards have some limit of withdrawals and the same goes with the Eppicard. The maximum amount that you can withdraw for a day is $500, and in case of the need of withdrawing a greater amount than 500$, you have to request the additional withdrawals at the bank or credit union teller window.

Is Over Drafting Available? 

Whenever you go for withdrawing or using the amount, make sure to check the account balance on the internet. You are never allowed to spend more than the balance that you have in your account, therefore, no overdraft fees would be charged.

Application For Eppicard

Eppicard application is available on android. This application is specifically developed for all Android users that permits them a secure and convenient way to monitor their Eppicard transactions and balances.

Guidelines For Eppicard

Eppicard is known with different names and it depends upon the city you are using it in. In Mississippi, it is known as Eppicard. Some states call it as e-Quick pay cards and Debit MasterCard, but in the end, the purpose behind creating an Eppicard remains the same. Each state has different guidelines about how Eppicard works.

There are different recommendations when it comes to the services offered by ATM services, and whether which banks offer surcharge fees. The withdrawal limit can vary according to the state, and fees for the customer service can range too. So before you sign up and start using your Eppicard, be sure that you have read all the guidelines that are needed in order to make the right use of the Eppicard.

There definitely is no doubt in saying that Eppicard has made lives much easier, not just for the citizens of Mississippi but for everyone living in different countries that provides Eppicard. The provision of Eppicard has made the transaction much more secure as it is monitored by the bank itself that is associated with Eppicard.

A specific government has the right to make variations in the guidelines of how the Eppicard should be used. Different departments working under the government make electronic transfers which include social service child support, enforcement development, and the recipients directly accept the payments, and can use them through their Eppicard. Eppicard is for sure a go-to, so if you are living in Mississippi or any other state that offers Eppicard, then go and sign up now!

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