November 12, 2017

Samsung Ditches Plans for In-Display Fingerprint Sensor on the Galaxy S9

Samsung has ditched plans to incorporate fingerprint sensors under the screen of its next-generation Galaxy S models, according to the South Korean site The Investor.


From the past couple of years, Samsung has been attempting to adopt the in-display fingerprint scanner (embedded under the screen of the device) in its next-generation smartphones. Earlier this year, the Korean smartphone giant had even emphasized on this innovative design in their flagship Galaxy S8 series but later found it difficult to implement due to technical complications. The tricky implementation of the in-display fingerprint scanner forced the company to ditch it in the S8 line of smartphones. As a result, reports of people speculating the inclusion of new in-display fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones started doing the rounds.

Now, according to reports, Samsung decides to not feature the in-display fingerprint scanner in S9 line of smartphones. The tech giant will instead likely to place the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device for both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ smartphones, just like in previous models.

Samsung-Ditches-In-Display-Fingerprint-Sensor-on-the-Galaxy-S9 (1)

However, Samsung will try to accommodate the in-display scanner on the Galaxy Note 9 instead, which is likely to be launched sometime in August next year.

Apple, one of Samsung’s biggest competitors, has given up on fingerprint scanner entirely in the new iPhone X in favor of its new advanced facial recognition technology called Face ID. However, according to reports, Samsung does not want to follow Apple’s strategy by abandoning the fingerprint scanner from the device.

“Samsung won’t get rid of fingerprint sensors in its handsets, as there are many services and platforms run based on the technology,” as told by industry watchers to The Investor.

With Apple betting on Face ID and Samsung potentially sticking with fingerprints, the world’s two biggest phone makers may bring their battle to a new front.

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