March 15, 2015

First Look at Samsung's Newly Launched Phones Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge

South Korean Smartphone manufacturer has ascended the digital market with its new smart gadget Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is sporting a curved screen which makes it different from its predecessor Samsung Galaxy series smart phones. Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge after a long gap in to the digital market which was leading Smartphone mobile retailer in the world.


Samsung Launches Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is back with a trendy and eye catchy smart gadget with successor of one of its predominant Galaxy series. Galaxy S mobiles of Samsung have been boasting up with its voguish screen display and the most efficacious chips and  processors in the arena of smart phones and all of the above all these features being made available to the end users at an cheap price. Although Samsung which appeared to be losing its domain  gradually with recent launches of other trendy smart phones made out of best features and specs from the leading manufacturers such as Apple, HTC, and Xiaomi.


Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, being of the big platform for the mobile manufacturers witnessed the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6. Newly released smart mobile Galaxy S 6 would be available for the end users in two variants as “regular” Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge with the bewitching screen along with many handy options.

Project Zero Yielding Samsung Galaxy S6 Violates Preset Postulates of Samsung

Pilot project initiated by Samsung’s R&D wing called Project Zero has contributed to the invention of this elegant and stylish gadget Samsung Galaxy which was started off a year ago. Samsung Galaxy S6 has all new stunning design from the outside which sites no resemblance to previous Galaxy handsets. Samsung practiced few revolutionary steps such as  manufacturing no water resistant smart mobile with non removable battery, non facilitating SD card slot for external memory etc., to make the newly designed Samsung Galaxy S6 look more prominent.


Although Samsung Galaxy has launched two devices with in similar series while they both have alike performance and operations while what makes them different is that ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ has curved edges with mesmerizing added features. Curved screen edges of ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ sports users to access favorite contacts, get aware of alerts such as missed calls, text’s etc., if they are unanswered. Apart from this the screen edges of newly launched ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ doesn’t assist users with any other additional function and to boast stunning looks. There has been no official announcement yet regarding the prices of the smart gadgets released by Samsung.

The newly released devices Samsung Galaxy S6 would be available in a variety of shimmery colors – white, black, gold, blue, and dark green. These two smart gadgets have been made with a special process and care to carve out different colors when the gadget is viewed from different angles where an aluminum frame around the edge binds the glass shift colors together.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Absents Unwanted Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t contain any unwanted features and applications which have been bumped off during the manufacture and features TouchWiz skin in this Android Smartphone which is cleaner and easier to navigate such that all the new applications calendar, music and email have a new look. It is believed that Samsung Galaxy S6 would arise with Microsoft’s Android apps such as OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype

Throwing  spotlight into the hardware of the newly launched smart mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 it is going to originate with improved optical image stabilization 16 MP camera and with added feature such as tracking a moving subject and remain focused on it. Samsung Galaxy S6 lets in a special plug that allows users to charge their Smartphone’s faster than normal. Samsung states that this feature of a special plug which charges mobile faster than normal works effectively having a potential charge 50% in 25 minutes.

Galaxy S6 Wireless charging

For the first time Samsung has come ascended with a wireless charging feature which works with standard wireless chargers and with the Samsung’s own charger which brings in new revolution in the Smartphone mobile arena.

Watch Out All-new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Design Story

Samsung Galaxy S6 features has many other amusing features such as presence of improved the fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, a Touch ID improved sensor like iPhone, Samsung’s new mobile payments platform Samsung Pay for commercial transactions. Samsung Pay is similar to that of Apple Pay compatible with many far more retailers’ payment terminals across the globe which is going to be one key advantage over Apple Pay though.

Samsung Galaxy S6’s Samsung Pay has magnetic card reader technology which is powered by a startup Samsung bought a few weeks ago LoopPay. Well sporting all these features Samsung Galaxy S6 release at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress has extended and resulted various speculations when it came to the price of Galaxy S6 devices. Though both the devices arise with diverting features while Samsung needs to be careful in annunciating its smart gadgets price so as to turn out the leading the manufacturer with maximum sales battling out with many other pre existing mobile manufacturers. It is speculated that both the devices Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge would go on to sale this April through all mediums and major carriers where price may vary.

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