September 15, 2017

Samsung’s Bug Bounty Program Offers Rewards Upto $200,000

With many technical giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook etc starting bug bounty programs now it’s Samsung that has joined the list and it will offer up to $200,000 as rewards for the hackers. Considering the privacy and security issues seriously many companies offer rewards to bug hunters depending on the severity of the bug through conducting bug bounty programs.



The Samsung mobile devices which are eligible for testing are Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy J, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series. Those who find vulnerabilities in Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pass, Samsung Pay and other services will also be paid. The devices must be currently active and up to date for testing.

Depending on the vulnerabilities of the security risk the rewards would be offered ranging from $200 to $200,000 for qualified reports with valid “Proof-Of-Concept” and even higher rewards amount will be offered for vulnerabilities that lead to TEE or Bootloader compromise.

While Microsoft offered up to $250,000 as a reward in its bug bounty program, Samsung is offering a slightly less reward amount compared to Microsoft. Even Apple has launched a bug bounty program last year which offered up to $200,000 as rewards. Facebook and Google also have offered quite a good amount of money for finding the bugs. So if you are a person who is an expert at finding bugs and hacking then you could become a millionaire by making most of these bug bounty programs.


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