July 9, 2018

How To Search All Of Craigslist At Once | Web-Based | iOS | Android

Craigslist is the easiest way for millions of users around the world to search, share and publish classifieds types of jobs, housing ads, sell goods and services, and other types of items.

To summerise, Craigslist works as a local list of everything for on sale or in demand around your area. Whether you’re trying to purchase used motorbike or you’re looking for a job online, you can browse through every result in your city via Craiglist.

The site is ideal for searching for listings in your region based on how far geographically each property or listing is from your site. With specific Craigslist lists in each market, it becomes very easy to get items that are actually available nearby without having to fly across the country just for a piece of furniture.

But still, it’s very hard to search your query on Craigslist marketplace in its entirety. Say that you are in New York and you want to see what’s on sale in Connecticut, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. This task becomes very tiresome with the present Craigslist features.

To come around this problem there are a lot of third party services which can make our job easy. And let us find a wider variety of listings on Craigslist. Here I have compiled a list of best websites that will provide a thorough and full ‘search all results’ on Craigslist in your locality and in other states.

Simplest Ways To Search Craigslist

Finding exactly what you want on Craigslist is an art only mastered by few. However, certain services provide us with easy, simple and quick search results in the state or in country-wide regions. Here I am going to tell you how to search all of Craigslist on three major platforms—the web, iOS, and Android. Read on and make use of the platform which suits you the best.


As per stats, most of the Craigslist search comes from web i.e, people sitting in front of their desktops do these searches. Web-based surfing is very clear and hassle-free. Check out the following web-based Craigslist search engines which let you browse through Craigslist listings outside of your bounded area.

  • Search All Craigslist: With a simple user interface, this site brings out every Craigslist search listing beyond your location. Making use of the power of a custom Google search engine, you can find every result from the site based on your search terms, with default filter options of item relevancy and date posted.

  • Statewidelist: Besides showing results from throughout the US, Statewidelist show results from all Canadian province. You can choose between searching “the title of the post only” or “the entire of the post”. Also, there is an option that shows all results in one long list. Further, relevant search results from eBay are also available on Statewidelist.

  • SearchTempest: If you want to limit your Craigslist results just around your zip code then SearchTempest is your best bud ready to help. This website lets you search by a specific distance from your zip code or city. That means you get results closest to your area instead of searching by a general state area. You can exclude or include all of US states and Canadian cities listings, search by category and sub-category, and even filter listings using without photos or price request options. And of course, you can do a worldwide search.

Some more honorable web-based Craigslist search engines:

  • Search All Junk:  Along with results from Craigslist, this website provides results from other classifies ads from websites like Pennysaver, Recycler, etc.
  • ZoomTheList: This website provides some advanced Craigslist filters.
  • DailyLister: Kind of a replica of the Craigslist website, use it when Craigslist is slow or is down for some reason.
  • Onecraigs: Created for those living in major cities like LA, New York, etc.



There is no official Craigslist mobile app for iPhone or iPad users but there are tons of third-party apps on Apple’s App Store that can make your browsing Craiglist results on iOS very easy and simple. Following are two of the most popular apps for that purpose:

  • CPlus: With a stunning user-interface, CPlus is the best app for IOS for searching Craigslist results. Some key features include the power to search through multiple cities, a map view, post and edit your own listings, and much-loved feature of “grey out listings” which tells your already viewed results.
  • Qwilo: Along with every other feature of CPlus, Qwilo allows you to exclude ads from the app in it’s Pro version which alerts you any new listings for your searches.


The following are the best apps for browsing Craigslist results on Android devices:


  • CPlus: Why should just IOS users get the best? CPlus for Android works as fine as it’s IOS version. Features like listings in multiple cities, map view, etc are all present here as well.
  • Postings: If you are one of those who love neat, clean, and detailed Craiglist results then there is no better Android app than Postings.

Try out these websites, apps for getting the optimum Craigslist results on your preferred device.

Do let us know in the comments section if your hunt for your favorite item was fulfilled using these services.

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