March 22, 2017

How To Send Fake Location In WhatsApp In Android/iPhone

This article is going to be one of the interesting articles ever as it shows the way to prank your friends/family. Sending your Fake Location in WhatsApp to others will be great fun, isn’t it? This prank let your friends believe your location (fake). It will really generate a lot of fun and stays as a memorable experience.

If you are looking for the way of how to share a fake location on WhatsApp, this tutorial helps you guide and have fun with your friends. This trick can be used without any VPN in Android device. In order to share location on WhatsApp in iPhone, first, you need to switch on your GPS location services in phone Settings.

  • Settings >Privacy > Location Services > On.

And make sure that WhatsApp allows accessing your GPS location.

Send Fake Location On WhatsApp In Android:

1. First, Install Fake GPS App in your Phone from here: Download

Fake GPS Location app

2. Then go to Phone Settings>About Phone.

3. Go on tapping on Build Number until you get a New Settings of Developer options.

4. Open your Phone’s SettingsAgain, and Select the option ofDeveloper Options, and tick on Allow Mock Locations Button.

Select Application


5. Now Open Fake GPS app from your Android Phone, and search the location of your choice.

6. After Searching the Location, simply click onSet Location and you are done.

Set Fake Location

Now Open Whatsapp, and Send Location to anyone, it will send the location which you haves set in Fake GPS app.

Send Fake Location

Send Fake Location On WhatsApp In iPhone:

Note: Your iPhone must be installed with Jailbreak and Cydia for use this Method.

Send Fake Location in iPhone

1. Open Cydia on your iPhone, and search for LocationFaker.

2. There, you will find 2 Versions of the App, and select it according to your iOS Version.

3. Install it via on-screen Instructions and you will get a New Icon of LocationFaker app in your Home Screen.

4. Open the app, and you will see your Current Location in this app. Simply zoom in and Select any other location of your Choice.

5. Now click on On Button from lower left corner, and you are done.

Now open WhatsApp and select Send-Location Option. Now you will be able to send location with Fake Address, which you have set in LocationFaker app.

Hope you had liked the article and if you have any queries, please let us know in the comments section below.

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