March 19, 2019

How to Setup a Custom Domain on Blogger on any Hosting Provider

Almost every hosting service provider allows you to link your domain with your blogspot blog. Setting up a custom domain to your blogger blog is very easy. I highly recommend you to add a custom domain as it will give you a professional touch to your blog. You can easily get a domain for just $2 on Godaddy.

Steps to Setup Custom Domain to your Blogger Blog:

In this tutorial we are just generalizing and showing you how to setup custom domain on any hosting provider. Followed by this chapter we shared two more tutorials on How to setup custom domain on Godaddy and Bigrock. If you bought domain on one of these service providers then you can directly switch to the next chapters.

1. I suppose that you already bought a domain. Now open your blogger dashboard and switch to settings. There you will find an option called add custom domain name, click that and enter the domain name you have bought for your blog.

Make sure that you entered the domain name with www.

2. Now just click on Save, an error will pop up. Don’t be so afraid, you need the details mentioned in the error for the further usage.

setting up a custom domain on blogger

3. Note down the “NameLabel, or Host field” and “DestinationTarget, or Points To field” . These two DNS records you must provide in your hosting service providers website( Godaddy or Bigrock).

4. Then you click on the Settings Instructions link , now you will land on a page with instructions on how to setup the domain. Then you choose the top level domain name from the given options. Now you need to copy 4 IP addresses and give these as A Records in your hosting provider.

ip addresses for setting up the domain name

Head on to the next chapters on How to Setup Custom Domain with Godaddy and Bigrock in detail.


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