August 1, 2022

Shows where the main characters have tried their luck at poker and casinos

Poker is almost part of everyday life in American culture because even children know the rules of this card game. In soap operas, the game is often used to reveal certain qualities of the characters, their psychological talents, and their ability to “read” people. It’s often the poker scenes that add tension to the story and beautifully reveal the secrets of the protagonists. BestAuCasinosOnline offers a look at the most popular moments from the iconic series.

The Simpsons

Episode 10, season 5 of The Simpsons introduces Mr. Burns’ casino. It was opened in order to legalize gambling to boost Springfield’s economy. The entire Simpson family has distinguished themselves at the casino, even little Maggie. Homer took a job as a blackjack dealer and Marge mastered the art of high-stakes gambling! At the same time, Bart generally opened his own casino in his tree house.

But that’s not the only casino reference on The Simpsons. The only way to pay it back is to borrow Lisa for a month. The only way to pay back the loss is to borrow Lisa for a month. So the showbiz world awaits the little girl, and new adventures await the Simpson family!


Casino and poker in the cult series about six friends play a significant role in plot twists. For example, in episode 18 of season 1, Rachel raises the stakes against Ros, which causes him, wanting to play along with the girl, to fold.

You can’t help but think of the final two episodes of season 5, which take place in Las Vegas in an atmosphere of gambling and desire to win. It’s the events at the casino that dramatically change the plot of Friends: Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas, so Geller is facing a third divorce.

The series is not without its curiosities: Joey tries, to no avail, to convince a blackjack dealer that they have “twin hands”, while Phoebe persists in stalking an old woman to expose her fraudulent intentions. Monica and Chandler win at the casino and also want to get married in Las Vegas.

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How I met your mother

In episode 9 of season 5, on the eve of Barney and Robin’s wedding, everyone plays poker. Another attempt to remind themselves that the stakes in a poker game can be so high that even wedding rings are on the line!

Fortune will be on the bride’s side. First Robin wins her fiancé’s brother James’ ring, then she faces off against her mother-in-law and manages to win Loretta’s special blouse. Of course, the woman lets Robin keep the blouse, but warns her that this is not the end of their rivalry – and the game will continue.


In episode 6 of season 2, Harvey’s new client becomes, as it later turns out, an avid gambler from Atlantic City. Things aren’t going any better for him, and the lawyers arrive just in time to witness their client lose at a high-stakes poker game. More than $3 million was at stake. But things take a turn for the worse when the man bails out his company, also making a deal on a cocktail napkin. Then the winner wants to collect his prize!

Desperate Housewives

How can you not think of the life stories of five girlfriends who gather every week for a friendly game of poker? It’s not just about taking home the winnings. The stakes are much higher on the show – personal struggles, discovered lies and even hidden adultery are at stake! What’s more: in episode 18 of season 7, Susan goes to the casino to make the highest bet in poker, after which she has to learn a terrible loss that is not measured in money.


As mentioned many times in the series, when the Winchester family, consisting of a father and two boys, traveled around America, they had to earn their money through all sorts of shenanigans and gambling, including poker. Of course, their opponents were mostly drunkards with extra dollars in their pockets, but still, I do believe the Winchesters would have made good poker beauties, even in spite of Dean’s failed poker session at the risk of years of living with “the wandering gambler” (Season 5 Episode 7, “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”) because, as Dean himself says: “He’s a witch! He’s been playing poker since guys wore tights!”

Lie to me

Dr. Lightman is the best expert on lies. There he is, the man who straight up specializes in poker tells!

Cal can fool even a polygraph with his research, let alone some poker players. But it’s not so easy to fool him (which, as we know, is not insignificant in poker either). “Professional liars” is what the proverbial doctor calls poker players. There’s even an episode of Lie to Me where he manages to “outplay” the World Series of Poker (Season 2 Episode 9 “Fold Equity”).

House M.D

Good old House House. Not that old, though… or that good. But he’s dedicated to his confession to the bone and not overly clever. He’s certainly a man who doesn’t go back on his word. His sarcasm is still being indulged in by millions.

But that’s not the point. House shows that in his business, apart from knowledge, you need to be able to compare facts perfectly, since when it is worth listening to intuition, and most importantly, understand people, because it is often, in the truest sense of the word, “a matter of life and death”.

House proves his ability to read people even remotely by guessing Wilson and Cuddy’s cards, just by listening to the situation at the gaming table at a charity poker game over the phone (Season 2 Episode 17 “All In”).

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