January 4, 2021

SlideUpLift Review: Your Pitstop for the Best Presentation Templates

Why do you think we rely so heavily on slides while giving a presentation? Why can’t we just speak and share what we have to say without a visual aid?

The fact is, visuals and graphics are way better at sharing and representing ideas than spoken words. Our brains are more likely to store visuals in our long-term memory, which means that visuals are better at idea representation and long-term retention.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to use visuals like images, infographics, etc., to your advantage. And the easiest way of doing this is to use presentation templates. Presentation templates are pre-designed to provide you with the best looking visuals and graphics at your fingertips.

Presentation templates are great for users who either lack the necessary graphic-design skills or simply don’t want to spend hours building their presentations from scratch.

In this review, we wanted to highlight  SlideUpLift, an online library of PowerPoint Presentation templates that we liked and use for our presentation needs.

About SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift is possibly the most significant repository of presentation templates with more than 30,000 templates under its belt. As mentioned, it’s primary focus is to serve the needs of business professionals who cannot afford to waste their valuable time building and designing visually appealing presentations from scratch.

SlideUpLift acts as a pit stop for professionals who need to build robust and modern looking presentations as quickly as possible. They also have an Add-in that works seamlessly with MS PowerPoint to facilitate easy browsing and downloading of PowerPoint templates directly from PowerPoint. Thus, working as a great time saver.

They have a vast collection of business templates ranging from – 

Executive Summary

Case Studies

Project Management 

Business Strategy

Pitch Decks

They also have a vast collection of visual assets like vector icons, isometrics, and silhouettes, to make your presentations engaging.


Besides business presentation templates, they also offer several other types of presentation templates:

PowerPoint Themes

PowerPoint Maps – World maps and country-specific maps

Diagram Templates – Puzzle Pieces, Funnels, Venn Diagrams, Flow Charts, Chevrons, and Gantt Charts

Shape Templates – Circle, Arrow, Cube, Ladder, etc.

PowerPoint Animations

What Value Does SlideUpLift Offer?

PowerPoint Add-in – With every single membership plan, SlideUpLift offers its users free access to its PowerPoint add-in. The add-in is seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint and will let you browse and download templates directly from PowerPoint. This add-in is excellent for power-users who need to churn out quality presentations quickly.

Diversity – The variety of presentation templates in the business domain is huge. With 100+ types of Executive Summary templates, Case Study templates, Business Timelines, Pitchdecks, etc.

Besides business presentation templates, the platform also hosts other types of templates like animated templates, shape templates, maps, etc. that can be used across industries and functions.

Affordability – With five different pricing plans, their membership is extremely affordable and will serve everyone’s needs. Whether you are an individual with limited requirements or a business team with extensive needs, you will get the best possible market price. You can click here for detailed pricing information.

If you don’t need a membership plan or are simply not ready to commit to one, then you can buy individual templates by adding them to your cart. Some templates are priced as low as @2.99

They also offer a significant collection of free PowerPoint templates you can download for free.

YouTube Channel – SlideUpLift has a YouTube channel with great content on presentation tips and tricks and tutorials that will help you build creative and impactful presentations. Whether you want to learn tips to use PowerPoint effectively, hacks for making great business presentations, creative infographic templates, or discover the most effective ways of presenting, they have you covered.

Blog – The blog caters to all the presentation needs of business professionals with essential presentation tips and tricks and important business concepts that will help you ace your presentations. We found this 30 60 90 Day blog to be highly informative and relevant & used it for our planning purposes.

Why Should You Go Ahead with SlideUpLift?

  • High quality and professional presentation templates at affordable rates.
  • Pan-industry templates with a particular focus on business PowerPoint templates.
  • Affordable membership plans. There is something for everyone.
  • If you don’t want to buy a membership plan, it offers the ability to purchase individual templates without signing up for a membership.
  • PowerPoint Add-in (available with every membership plan) that will boost your presentation productivity.
  • SlideUpLift Blog – An excellent repository of presentation hacks and tips that will help you make powerful presentations.
  • Fantastic customer service – Dedicated and professional customer service associates ready to help you with your needs.  Users can also request a custom template if need be.

Final Thoughts

If you are a business professional in need of a reliable and quick presentation making tool, then you should, without a doubt, give SlideUpLift a chance. With their seamless PowerPoint add-in and an extensive collection of business presentation templates, you will be able to make winning presentations without wasting your valuable time.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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