January 26, 2016

Why Your Small Business Needs to Embrace an E-Mail Newsletter Campaign

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there to help promote both large and small businesses, however, there is one tactic out there that is very effective for marketing and brand development, but it is often overlooked or not implemented as well as it should be. This tactic is email marketing and the implementation of a savvy newsletter campaign.


Being able to create a brand image is one of the most important parts of any business’ success. Although the content on your website is sure to be of exceptional quality and fully optimized with the most advantageous keywords, it isn’t likely to change very often. Being able to further brand yourself and give a more well-rounded impression of your company requires more than the information on your website alone.


Further branding can be done through a company blog and social media marketing and engagement, but both of those methods require that the clientele comes to them, not to mention that social media has stringent word limits to work inside of.

A successful newsletter campaign is an easy and effective way of letting people know more details of your company and being able to really present your company in the best way you desire.

An SEO Investment

The fact that your newsletter does send people back to your website is actually really good for your SERP (search engine results page) ranking, which includes a link to your website and links to your social media. The more people that visit your site, the more visibility that you have in the search engine, which means the further up in the results you will move, in turn, increasing the likelihood that people will click on your website. The bottom line here is that increasing your search engine visibility will increase your business, so for this feature alone a good newsletter campaign pays off.

Easy and Inexpensive Marketing

As it pays off, it also helps you save money as well. A newsletter is actually probably the most cost effective way of marketing for your company, not to mention that it is incredibly easy and quick to put together. If you use a really good platform with high-performance email marketing software – like this option – the design and execution are as simple as it gets.

Email marketing

Within one day you can have a well-designed newsletter circulating for your business and begin seeing results. Of course, there is no newsletter without engaging content, so that is probably the most difficult part of the process, but there are a lot of tips for how to write compelling email newsletters out there to get you started.

Maintaining Connections and Visibility

A newsletter also keeps you connected with past clientele, which allows you to maintain a certain relationship with them. First, it ensures that you remain relevant: since out of sight is usually out of mind, a newsletter in their inbox is a good visual reminder of your company and shared history. Furthermore, any email marketing campaign worth its salt is going to have an opt-in and opt-out option. When people opt-in, it is voluntary and therefore, they will not only be receptive to your newsletter, but it has little chance of landing ineffectively in their junk folder.

Email marketing tactics

Furthermore, being able to also opt-out keeps your mailing list up to date and ensures that you are only contacting people who are interested in hearing from your company. This way you don’t end up hurting your brand image by acquiring a spam-slinging reputation.

It couldn’t be more simple and profitable. If you’re a small business owner or even a large company, you need to be investing in maintaining a good mailing list and executing well-thought-out newsletter campaigns. If you do not, you are missing out on a huge and potentially lucrative opportunity.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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