February 7, 2020

Snapchat Names — 100+ Best Snapchat Names

Are you looking to create a new Snapchat profile? Still unsure about your Snapchat name? You’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find the list of best Snapchat names for boys & girls based on likes, looks, gender, orientation, etc. Only good Snapchat names make our list.

Snapchat Names Requirements

  1. Only include Latin letters, numbers, and one of a hyphen, underscore, or period (“-,” “_,” or. “”). but no special characters such as !@#$%^&*()+|{}[]|\:”;'<>?,/ or emojis are allowed.
  2. Must begin with a letter and end with a number or letter, cannot end with “-,” “_,” or “.”
  3. Note: Snapchat names cannot be changed once set.
  4. Must be between 3-15 characters long.
  5. Not case-sensitive. Snapchat names appear only in lower-case letters.

Snapchat Names for Guys

  • NewMatty101
  • Krazy0.0Kyle
  • CharlesWorthy
  • MasonCreeks
  • Moses1.1USA
  • GuyInClouds
  • Beas1Mode
  • RegularJohnDoe
  • JustJohnDoe
  • JohnDoeUSA
  • SixPackJoeGo
  • CleanJoe
  • Clean1Man
  • MonsterD
  • CrookNumber1
  • FurryBoy
  • HitterNo10
  • DenseBob
  • HenryHollow
  • TractorTim
  • BarbersFavorite
  • OneManShow
  • MrSunshine
  • SnapPublisher-1
  • WhoDat1Guy
  • Handsome69Lad
  • GuyNex1Door
  • ChillCharley
  • OmegaAlphaBeta
  • ThyLordFather

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Snapchat Names for Girls

  • DestinysHotGirl
  • MarysTTs
  • SexySallyMae
  • BeautyInSnap
  • GorgeousEyeIvy
  • The1Girl
  • ExclusiveHotty
  • SmartSally
  • ZippyZana
  • Nerdy-Norma
  • GirlyGeena
  • Madam101
  • FrozenSmantha
  • Frozen1Ana
  • The1Elsa
  • Firey.Finess
  • LadyLinda
  • Timber.TightLip
  • SerenaCelcius
  • Sw33tPlaya
  • PoisonousPam
  • McSallySis
  • BoySnatcher1

Snapchat Names with Brands

  • GloriousFox
  • GabelPhilips
  • RolexRandy
  • ColgateCathy
  • FernandoFerrari
  • CartierCat
  • AndyTheApple1
  • DellMeDolly
  • MrGoooogle
  • DesnaFrmDisney
  • KellogsKelly
  • CathyColaa
  • PamPampers
  • DGr8Gator
  • IamYoda1
  • NikeNikky
  • ColaPepsiCola
  • KraftyKaf
  • InterIngram
  • EtherEpson
  • SamSam2020

Snapchat Names with Countries

  • YeminiYara
  • Brazilian0.1Babe
  • GreekyGiana
  • MexicanMoltov
  • KoreanKaren10
  • KareenaKenyan
  • LadyLatvian
  • SlovakSandy
  • AusieAmber
  • BritishBari33
  • JazzyJamaic4n
  • Danish.Daddy
  • Cathy4rmCanada
  • PiousPolish
  • FirstFinnish

Best Snapchat Names

These are the best and most popular Snapchat names that you might recognize. It’s filled with celebrities, players, politicians, sports, channels, and many more.

  • @love.taza
  • @turbanchino
  • @theashleygraham
  • @blogilates
  • @negharfonooni
  • @babybels777
  • @jeffreedahmer
  • @kevinhart4real
  • @rickthesizzler
  • @billie-eilish
  • @ladygaga
  • @rihanna
  • @ellen
  • @cristianoronaldo
  • @realdonaldtrump
  • @therock
  • @onedirection
  • @nba
  • @shakirav
  • @theddlovato
  • @kourtneykardash
  • @hillaryclinton
  • @amazon
  • @realparishilton
  • @storyofnph
  • @tiesto
  • @mariahcareylive
  • @buzzfeed
  • @bellathornedab

We will be adding more Snapchat names regularly. Please revisit to find new and cool Snapchat names to use for your new profile. Hopefully, we did not disappoint with the suggestions above. As always, you can email us at admin@alltechbuzz.net for feedback, suggestions, or help.


How to change Snapchat names?

Tap on the Profile icon located on the upper left corner. Once you're on the user profile page, tap on your name under the Snapcode. The "Edit Name" screen will pop up. Change your Snapchat name as you desire and then tap "Save." Note: You can only change your Snapchat name, not the username.

What's the meaing of emojis in Snapchat names?

Emojis, next to your friends' list, has various meanings. You'll see one of the following emojis: Baby Face - Just added a friend, Smile - Your best friend, Grimace - Share best friend, Sunglasses - Share close friend, Smirk - You're someone's best friend, Gold Heart - Each other's best friend, Red Heart - Best friends for two weeks, Pink Hearts - Best friends for two months, Fire - Snapstreak, 100 - Snapstreak for 100 days, Hourglass - Snapstreak ending soon, Sparkle - Group, & Birthday Cake - Friend's birthday. Purple Zodiac emojis are shown based on a friend's birth date if he or she entered one on their profile.

What are good Snapchat names?

Here are some tips for good Snapchat names: 1. Adding an emoji will surely get other Snapchatters' attention, but don't overdo it. Use at most two emojis. 2. Capitalize the first and last letter of the Snapchat name. Do not use all-caps; that's just shouting and hard to read. 3. Use words from famous movies, characters, or what's currently trending. Ex: Django Justin, Snappy Sam, Jedi Juddah, Starky Sandra.

How to change Snapchat username?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the Snapchat username. Once you created an account with a Snapchat username, it will stay with your profile forever! However, you can undoubtedly change your Snapchat name, also referred to as "Display name" by Snapchat.

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