March 11, 2019

Social Media Monk: Perfect Platform For Social Media Management

As in January 2019, out of a total of 7.7 Billion worldwide population, 3.397 billion are active social media users.

Why it is mandatory for your business to have dominant social media existence is because 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels.

Social Media Monk

Your own or your business’ social media presence doesn’t mean just creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, Tumblr etc. and let them die.

But, you’ll need a perfect platform for social media management. And, this guide will let you know, how you can remain ahead of your competitors with the LIVE assistance of Social Media Monk. After paying the reasonable amount, just sit back, relax and count the statistics.

What Is Social Media Management?

In short, social media management is all about the method of taking your services to the colossal amount of targeted customers through social media channels like Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many others.

Preventive measures and right monitoring contributes to more lead generations.

The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it. That’s why an individual sharing the business page on his/ her own social media profiles and getting hundreds of likes to it won’t ever solve the purpose.

Social Media Management Benefits:

Benefits of Social Media Management are countless.

Especially in the premium package of Social Media Monk, included features are reported submission, always updated encouraged reviews made for social media, branding free paid promotion, white label and promotion strategies etc.

The list also includes but is not limited to Phone & Email Support, Relationship Manager, One-click Chat Support, page template design, special event posts, description for page, replies to each and every comment and messages, comment spam control, Two free custom made GIFs, two free video bites per month, two free request posts, facebook cover video, facebook cover photo, display picture, hashtag for every post, reputation management, real-time reporting, everyday updates, custom designed photos etc.

Social Media Management Pricing:

We don’t claim our rates to be cheapest but claim them to be reasonable. Mercedes Benz is expensive for a reason.

Social media monk is accountable for its work with a 7-day money back guarantee package. Buyer’s license key is valid for one year from the purchase date.

Per month price for every feature included in the plan is $149 per month if billed monthly, $119 per month if billed half-yearly and $99 per month if billed yearly.

All rates mentioned above are presented excluding Goods and Service Tax (GST). Pricing may change by the time you’re reading this, so before making any decision, please make sure to go through Social Media Monk Pricing Page.

The Best Company For Social Media Management:

There are hundreds of Social Media Management companies in the market. But, what differs Social Media Monk from others is our result-oriented approach and LIVE chat support in the business hours.

Operated under Anveen NetWorks, is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

With over double-digit happy customers across the country in just a few weeks of launch, our services are bound to successfully manage your social media accounts every day.

Facebook Page Management:

Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide as of January 2019, ranked by 1.59 billion number of active users as per month. Following these statistics, Facebook Page Management remains our first priority.

Not only publishing infographics and contextual posts but also in-depth knowledge of regularly changing algorithms and policies of Facebook Pages is the sole responsibility of our team professionals. We also invest real money when needed to reach the right customers for your business.

Just give social media monk a try, and you will thank us later.

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