June 1, 2021

Society6 Review: Should You Sell Your Art Here?

If you’re an artist, you’re probably looking for ways to earn money through your work. After all, there are countless people out there who would buy unique designs online. If you’re any type of visual artist, you may want to check out Society6 if you want extra income just by uploading your art on the site.

If you’re not familiar with this website, you may be hesitant to try it out. You’re probably asking yourself, “Is this a scam?” Your hesitance is understandable; after all, scams and art theft has become even more rampant as of late. In this Society6 review, we’ll list down everything we know about the platform and help you decide whether you should sell your art there.

What Is Society6?

Founded in 2009 by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste, and Justin Wills, Society6 was created with artisans in mind. The founders wanted to support artists from all over the globe, and it’s clear that this vision has become a reality. These days, Society6’s community is made up of over 300,000 artists from more than 160 countries.

With Society6, you can display your artwork through various products, including t-shirts, blankets, mugs, phone holders, and so much more. If you’re looking for a unique phone case that’s not available in most online retailers, you’ll definitely find something on Society6, thanks to its extensive database of designs.

How Does Society6 Work?

Society6 is great for both artists and customers alike, and it’s not that difficult to get started. As an artist, you must first create a Society6 account before you can start uploading your art. Enter your username, password, first name, and email address, and then upload a high-quality photo of your design. From there, you have to decide whether you want to sell your designs on their own as prints or have them adorned on different products.

As a customer, the signup process is still the same. But the difference is that instead of uploading art pieces, customers can shop for different products with beautiful printed designs by artists across the globe.

Basic Requirements

There are a few requirements you need to know about before you can start selling your art on Society6. For one thing, your artwork needs to be completely original and unique. You can’t sell plagiarized or copied work on the platform. Once that has been ensured, your artwork needs to meet the minimum pixel dimension requirement, which is as follows:

  • Dimensions should be a minimum of 6500 x 6500 and can reach as much as 16000 x 16000.
  • PPI should range from 150ppi to 300ppi.
  • JPG or PNG formats are accepted.
  • Colorspace should be in RGB.
  • File size limit is 150 MB.

That being said, there are different requirements for the larger products available on Society6, such as furniture, curtains, beddings, and more. The minimum requirement for these is 15000px x 9000px horizontally, 12000px x 12000px for square sizes, and 8000px x 12000px vertically. These should be at 300dpi.

Are There Any Fees?

Signing up on Society6 is completely free for both artists and customers. In fact, you can earn money instead, as Society6 will pay you if a customer buys your prints or designs.

Return & Refund Policies

Don’t worry if you ever receive defective products because Society6 is known for offering a great customer service experience. Some customers have praised the platform for being able to process their refunds without any issue. In order to submit a return request, you just have to log in to your Society6 account. From there, select which item you want to return. If you don’t have a Society6 account, you can contact the site’s customer service for further assistance.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels


  • Artists will still have all the rights to their art.
  • A great way to earn extra income.
  • There’s no limit to how many designs you can upload on the site.
  • The platform is straightforward and easy to use.


  • Since there are so many designs on the site, it could take a while before a customer decides to buy something from you.
  • It’s not a good option if you want a full-time job.


If you’ve been considering uploading your art on Society6, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. You don’t really lose anything if you try to sell your designs on this platform. If no one buys it, the only thing you really lose is time. Besides, uploading your art on Society6 doesn’t mean the platform will gain ownership of the design. As mentioned, you’ll still have rights to your artwork, which means you can still upload the same piece onto other similar sites for more chances of winning.

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