May 5, 2017

Software That Will Make Your Staffing Agency More Efficient

Running a recruitment agency doesn’t have to be as difficult as most agencies make it out to be, so long as you have the right tools at your disposal. Unfortunately, a lot of smaller agencies don’t look at computer software to handle their working needs and some still use pen and paper to manage most of the day to day tasks. This is a problem because that makes an agency inefficient, and owners will often spend more time with unimportant paperwork instead of spending time trying to sell their services.


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If you run an agency and you’re looking for a software to help your business run more efficiently, have a look at the following software that you can take advantage of to make running an agency easier.

Business Process Management Software

Business Process Management Software may not be suitable for small agencies offering a staffing service, but if your business is growing there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider implementing it. BPMS can be a huge help for growing businesses because it can automate certain business processes, and that means you can spend more time dealing with other important matters. By designing a process model with the help of BPMS, you’ll be able to automate the process of anything simple from emailing clients to scheduling an employee to attend work – your automated process options are endless with BPMS.

Microsoft Office

The type of software you choose to take advantage of when running an agency will determine how much Microsoft Office products will benefit you. Microsoft Excel and Word are two of the most used Microsoft programs when it comes to business practices and you’ll find they’re useful for any day to day computer tasks. You’ll be able to create invoices, letter templates, insert data and many other jobs that are required to be completed by an agency. A business product license may be required if you’re using multiple computers but it doesn’t cost an awful lot to own the software, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Microsoft Office


Running a recruitment agency doesn’t come without its difficulties, which is why you need the right tools to give you a hand. Forget about simple software that isn’t going to provide you with the right data to help with reporting, instead, look at what AdaptSuit has on offer. The software is perfect for a variety of agency management tasks such as handling candidates’ personal data, recruiting, scheduling meetings and much more. If you’re looking to take your agency to the next level you should strongly consider having a look at what the Bond staffing software offers.



Adobe Products

While most agencies will hire freelancers or design studios for their needs, it could be more cost-effective to design simple leaflets and postcards yourself. Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator will give you the chance to get creative and they aren’t all that hard to learn. Adobe products are worth investing in even if you’re not keen on designing yourself as they have other uses that the standard Paint program doesn’t provide.


It’s hard to find the right computer software to make any business more efficient, but if you’re a recruitment agency and you’re looking to take your business to the next level, take a look at the above products and you’ll see why they’re popular among recruitment agencies.

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