June 16, 2021

SoftwareProWorld.com Review: Is It a Safe Site to Buy Cheap Software Keys?

Whether you’re an office employee, a student, or a freelancer, owning a copy of Microsoft Office is pretty much a necessity. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to create incredible slideshows for a report or write on Microsoft Word for a final paper. However, let’s be honest here: purchasing a copy from the official Microsoft site doesn’t come cheap. This is why so many people turn to software resellers like SoftwareProWorld because they’re trying to get a hold of product keys at a more affordable rate.

The problem with this is that you can’t trust every reseller out there, especially when it comes to software because, at the snap of a finger, the original developer like Microsoft could block or invalidate your copy if it believes it to be acquired illegally. In this review, we’ll dive deep into SoftwareProWorld—can you trust this site, or are you better off buying from legit means? Keep reading to find out more!

What Is SoftwareProWorld?

As you may have guessed by now, SoftwareProWorld.com is an eCommerce site that specifically sells software at significantly discounted prices. According to the site, the retailer was founded in 2017 and is proud to offer customers some of the lowest prices out there.

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Is SoftwareProWorld a Scam?

In all honesty, we wouldn’t recommend SoftwareProWorld for several reasons. While you may receive the product you purchased from them most of the time, there are countless instances where customers ended up having trouble making the product key work. Not only that, SoftwareProWorld isn’t an authorized reseller of these product keys, which is probably why the keys end up becoming “invalid.” These keys could work at first, but as time passes, there’s a very high tendency that the key won’t work anymore—and this seems to be the case based on SoftwareProWorld.com reviews.

As far as we know, only Microsoft’s official website and Amazon (not the marketplace) have the authority to sell digital copies of Microsoft Office. As such, SoftwareProWorld is likely reselling Microsoft Software Developer Network (MSDN) or TechNet licenses. While it’s true that the product keys for these are genuine, the subscription is only meant to be used by one person. Sadly, there are still countless people out there who abuse the licensing terms and resell the product.

However, as soon as Microsoft notices that the keys aren’t being used the way they’re supposed to, the company will block them, and the unfortunate customers who got sold those keys won’t be able to use them anymore. This is why it’s crucial that you buy product keys from authorized sellers because you may end up wasting your money buying a product that doesn’t work.

Common Customer Complaints About SoftwareProWorld

  • Many customers have difficulty trying to contact SoftwareProWorld’s customer support team whenever they have an issue with the software they’ve purchased. Many attempts have been made, yet they never received a response.
  • Some customers received product keys that don’t work or were labeled as invalid.
  • The Microsoft software stopped working after failed updates.
  • One customer received confirmation from Microsoft’s customer service representative that SoftwareProWorld sold them a copy that was also sold to other customers.


It’s deplorable that there are retailers out there who trick customers who buy from them in good faith. While products bought from SoftwareProWorld work initially, many customers were disappointed to find that their keys stopped working after a while. Even though buying from Microsoft itself can be pricey, it also comes with the peace of mind knowing that the software you’re buying is legit and won’t stop working on you.

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