February 15, 2018

Salary Calculator- A Tool Launched By Stack Overflow For Developers

Stack Overflow, the popular online community for developers which features questions and answers on various topics in computer programming has now launched a new tool, Salary Calculator. This salary calculator lets you know the pay they are providing to the developers in your area of expertise based on the role, experience, skill and area of living.

This Salary Calculator was developed based on the information collected from the site’s annual developer survey conducted on around 65,000 developers. This tool not only gives the rough estimate of salary you could expect but also an information about the potential jobs that match your background.



Stack Overflow says “We did this because we believe developers should be empowered with more information around job searches, careers, and salary. In fact, we know that developers want more salary information to make better choices about their careers.”


The major factors that contribute to the salary are the location of work and role of the job. The developers working as a DevOps specialist, data scientist, device developer, quality assurance engineer, web developer, mobile developer, system administrator, database administrator, Graphics programming, and a Graphics designer would get highest salaries. The survey also found that a person working in SanFransisco and Seattle have highest salaries compared to the ones working in other parts of United States.


Julia Silge, a data scientist at Stack Overflow wrote in a blog post saying “We are committed to improving the accuracy and granularity of this calculator. You can help us improve the calculator by confidentially sharing your salary with us in the calculator. We will use your salary information in modeling, but your salary is 100 percent private and will never appear on your profile or be shared with employers”.

This tool can be used by the developers and the hiring companies to find out the amount that they can make with their potential and understand the normal amount to be paid for a developer with specific skills respectively. It is a two-sided tool developed for both companies and developers.

This salary calculator will currently provide the information for the developers working in U.S., Canada, UK, France, and Germany. However, the company is planning to extend this tool to India and other countries in the future. Find out your salary estimate here.

Have you used the Salary Calculator yet? Did you find this calculator useful? Do share your views in the comments below.

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