August 28, 2021

Standard Music Players vs. Music Apps: 12 Reasons Why Switch to Spotify

At some point in our lives, we have all tried to find the best music player in the hopes that it would exceed our expectations. No ads, uninterrupted music, top-notch quality, and whatnot. Thanks to the launch of Spotify in 2008, which checked off all the preference boxes. As of today, Spotify is the world’s most popular music service with 365 million users worldwide and many artists use it to their own advantage too as they think it’s a great platform to promote their talent. With so many users on this app, they can get more Spotify plays on their music release and gradually get recognized.

Whereas, from the eye of the users, there are plenty of advantages that Spotify offers for all music enthusiasts. If you’re worn out due to the below-par services your standard music player offers, it’s time to make an upgrade to Spotify. Here are the twelve reasons why:

1. Intuitive Interface

It’s very convenient to sign up on Spotify. You can either create your account using an email ID from scratch or connect it with your Facebook account.

On signing up, you will see an easy-to-use interface where you can easily search for your favorite music, create and organize playlists, listen to the radio or simply explore the app without going through any hassle.

2. Versatile

The worst thing when seeing the requirements of a music app is that your device is not compatible. Spotify has overcome this barrier by being versatile in its compatibility.

It allows you to enjoy music on almost all platforms and it is compatible with Android, Blackberry, Squeezebox, Telia Digital-TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Openpandora, OS X, Boxee, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows desktop, TiVo, WD TV, Windows Mobile, WebOS, Windows Phone, Roku, S60 (Symbian), Samsung Smart TV, and Denon’s HEOS.

3. Helps You Save Data Usage

If you have a long commute to work or school, and you want to enjoy music while saving your data, Spotify has created this mode called “Data Saver”.

It reduces the audio quality to 24 kbps, which is the lowest, and streams music without showing too many images to save your data. As soon as your phone connects back to Wi-Fi, it will automatically start streaming at normal quality settings.

It’s even easier to get this mode on. All you have to do is tap “home” and then “settings”. You will see the option to turn the Data Saver mode on.

4. Large Music Library

Most of the standard music players lack this feature and whenever you want to listen to a particular not-so-famous song it sometimes gives a “not found” error.

However, Spotify has over “70 million” tracks that allow you to listen to all kinds of music, no matter how old or new it is. It keeps releasing songs every single day, so you can be sure that you will have a wide variety to listen to.

5. Vast Collection of Podcasts

How can we not mention podcasts? Nowadays, podcasts are quite popular and people prefer listening to podcasts while walking, going to work, or simply sitting idle.

Spotify contains more than 2.9 million podcast titles, and they keep adding new ones every day. You can find all sorts of podcasts from entertaining, motivational to educational to match your preference.

6. Portable

Whether you are at the gym, a café, or out for a walk, having cool quality music is always a luxury. Spotify allows you to log in from your account no matter where you are and lets you access your library.

Whereas, the premium account lets you download and save up to 100 songs that you can listen to even without any internet access.

7. Saves Storage Space

The Spotify web player allows you to sign in from any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, and you can always listen to music without having to download songs.

This way you can have the best of both worlds, which means you can enjoy different melodies while keeping your electronic devices secure from viruses. Your devices will not take up too much space, so they will perform efficiently.

8. Exceptional Quality

While some other music players may compromise on their quality of music, Spotify doesn’t. Spotify offers the best quality of music, so you can hear every little detail of the melodies for a complete experience.

For free listeners, it plays music at 160kbps, whereas for premium members, the music quality is 320kbps. This is the highest quality audio.

9. Easy to Share Music

Long gone are those days when you had to share your favorite playlist with your friend by exchanging CDs. Spotify makes it super convenient for you to share your taste of music with your friends or to the world by simply sharing a link. You can share your entire playlist as well by copying its URL in a matter of seconds.

10. Premium Spotify Membership Plans

You can get an individual plan for $9.99 per month, or if your entire family uses Spotify, getting a $14.99 plan will do you good. The family plan allows up to six premium accounts.

If you’re low on budget as a student, you can get a student plan for $4.99 per month, which is less than 50% of the actual fee.

11. Free Trial

Supposing that you don’t want to spend your money on a premium membership without first knowing the features in detail, you can always get a free trial for the individual plan for one month.

You can get to test all the cool functions a premium account has to offer, and the best part is you can cancel your membership anytime without any penalties.

12. Let’s You View the Lyrics

If you want to do a karaoke night with a bunch of your friends, Spotify has this lyric feature that allows you to see the lyrics of the song you’re listening to.

Instead of googling the lyrics of the song, you can easily click on the “now playing” bar at the bottom of the screen. And by scrolling down a little, you will be able to see the lyrics in a cinch.

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