August 6, 2016

Google’s New Feature “Stay In The Loop” Notifies Whenever Your Name Is Mentioned On The Web – Feel Like Celebrity!

Google is a popular and giant search engine where people often search various questions in several categories like education, business, health, lifestyle and much more. With Google Search, people can also search for pictures, news, and things to purchase online. Google has become so popular in such a way that people are using Google as an action word to search for something.

Do You Want To Feel Like Celebrity? – Get notifications whenever your name is mentioned on the web at any time and anywhere.


Then Here’s A Google’s New Feature – “Stay In The Loop

“Stay in the loop” is the Google’s new search feature. This helps the people who want to know “how frequently they are searched or talked about?” Google search will notify you by delivering a report to your registered Gmail ID of where your name was searched.


Save your search activity on apps and in browsers to make searches faster and get customized experiences in Search, Maps, Now, and other Google products,” says the Activity Controls page.

How To Use This “Stay In The Loop” Feature:

#1. Sign into your Google account and search your name in Google search. You can see a shortcut to “My account” and you are re-directed to your account settings.

google my account

#2. Now, search will show you a widget at the bottom of the page. You can see the “stay in the loop” widget.

stay in the loop

#3. Click on the widget. Google takes you to “Google Alerts“. You can see your name in the quotation marks. Now click on the “Create alert“.

google alerts

That’s it. You have done successfully.

If you are irritated with the unnecessary notification, then you can adjust settings – how often you get a notification email in a day, what sources those mentions are from, language and region, etc.

google alerts settings

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