July 9, 2018

How to Stream Torrent Movies/Videos Using VLC For Free Without Downloading

Disclaimer: Torrent itself is not illegal, but downloading a pirated movie using torrent is undoubtedly illegal. And you might have to face legal consequences or criminal charges for downloading and distribution of any pirated materials. We don’t promote piracy using torrent in any manner and this article is limited to educational purposes.

If you are reading this article, then you might be a great torrent user, isn’t it? Generally, whenever we want to download and watch a movie/online TV series/videos, we download the video file using the torrent. And we all know that it takes some time to download the video. What if you don’t have so much time or patience to wait until it’s downloaded and then watch?

Watch Torrent movies without downloading

Don’t worry, we have found a great trick and we can skip the downloading process & all the waiting, instead, stream or watch the torrent movie directly for free without downloading. Yes, we can stream torrent videos online directly using the VLC player without downloading them. Now you might wonder, Why would one stream the torrent when he/she can download the video and watch it over and over anytime later. You’re right and I agree with you.

But there are few cases where streaming the torrent video directly is way better than downloading it.

  • Whenever we search for the torrent, we will check for the sample or preview of the video and decide whether to download the file or not. If the sample video isn’t given, then we go with our guess and download or else we search for another.
  • You found the right torrent file and decided to download it, then you will have to wait until the download completes. What if it takes ages to download (due to the least number of seeds/peers).
  • Let’s assume, the torrent movie has downloaded. What if the video is unable to play or the quality of the video isn’t sufficient to watch or the audio is not synced properly or it is a fake torrent, we feel really frustrated, right?

To avoid all these, we need to find a way to play safe. Before downloading a torrent file, we need to know how to download the right torrent, or else we have to stream the torrent video directly without downloading. Here, we will show how to stream torrent videos using VLC media player without downloading it.

However, you should always secure your systems while dealing with torrent files. There are many risks involved when you are downloading files from unknown sources or browsing random Torrent websites. Get a budget-friendly antivirus like Bitdefender. You can protect multiple operating systems at a negligible amount with Bitdefender Total Security coupons.


1. Torrent File or Magnet URI (Magnet link) of the movie/video you want to download.

2. Download & Install Torrent Client (uTorrent or BitTorrent).

3. VLC Media Player.

How to Stream Torrent Movies/Videos Using VLC For Free:

1. Visit your favorite torrent website (I am using uTorrent) and select a movie or TV series that you would like to watch. Ensure that the torrent video has a decent number of seeders and leechers or else you will face buffering problems while streaming.

Magnet link

2. Click on the magnet link, a pop-up opens where you have to click on ‘Open Magnet URL’ and the torrent client software opens. Click OK to begin the torrent downloading.

Open Magnet URL

Click OK to start movie download

3. The movie starts downloading. Now, right click the torrent file and click on ‘Stop’.

Stop downloading in utorrent

4. In the drop-down menu bar, go to Files and right-click on the video file. Click on the ‘Copy Stream URL‘.

click on files to paste magnet URl

copy stream URL in utorrent

5. Now, open the VLC Media player and click on Media at the top left corner. Click on Open Disc from the drop-down.

Click on Files in VLC media player

Open Disc in VLC

6. In the Open Disc window, head to Network and paste the stream URL here. Click on Play.

Paste Magnet URL

That’s it. VLC media player starts streaming the torrent file without downloading it. It might take a few seconds to gather the files for live streaming, and the streaming speed will depend on the number of available seeders and leechers. So, how was the trick?

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