June 12, 2016

Photos Privately Synced From Phone To Facebook Will Be Deleted Soon, Here’s How To Keep Them Safe

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms where you can share your photos,videos,views and opinions by posting on your timeline. You can even like, comment, save links or posts whenever you come across an interesting title or your friend’s latest uploaded photo, etc., you can simply hit a like or comment it. Facebook  is seeking the attention of billions of people across the world. As it offers an easy user access, people are getting addicting to this social media platform.

Here is some important information about your photos. Did you know about a group of photos which are currently live in the private “Synced” or “Synced from Phone” section of your Facebook photos? Facebook is now going to delete these top secret photos which even the Facebook user did not know.


These secret group of photos existed since 2012 in your FB profile but you probably didn’t know about it or forgot about it. In 2012, Facebook launched an optional photo syncing feature that automatically uploaded your phone’s photos to a private album. The company wanted to make it easy for you to share those photos online at a later date.

Earlier this year, they were moved to Moments, a new app from Facebook. Facebook launched Moments standalone App for FB users in June 2015 to help users performs a similar auto-syncing function. The app groups your photos based on who’s in them and when they were taken. In one tap, you can send your photos to the right friends. Then, friends can add their photos to the moment. Now, everyone has all the photos you took together. Following are its features:

• Keep all your photos organized in one private place
• Send multiple photos at once—no need to text or email individual photos
• Search to find photos of yourself, your friends, places, and more
• Save photos other people send to you on your phone’s camera roll
• Share a slideshow of your moments to Facebook, if you want

If you want to keep all those photos which were going to be deleted by Facebook, All you need to do is download  “Moments” app  from playstore or by clicking download link here.


If you don’t want Moments, download these photos directly to your computer from your Facebook profile before July 7,2016. Here is some important information which helps you to download synced photos on Facebook.

When you turn on photo syncing, your mobile photos will be saved to a private section of your Facebook photos. You can share your synced photos on your Timeline from your desktop computer.

To download a photo you’ve synced:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click Photos
  3. Click Synced from Phone
  4. Click the photo you’d like to download
  5. Click Options at the bottom of the photo then select Download.

Take action before Facebook does it.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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