December 1, 2017

How To Take Scrolling Screenshot of a Website Using Firefox Quantum?

Have you ever wished for a tool to take a screenshot of an entire webpage at once on your desktop? Though the option to capture only the visible area of the screen is available, you can not save the whole webpage at once without the need of stitching the parts of a page. In order to avoid any hassle and help the users to take scrolling shot Mozilla Firefox has embedded, this new functionality in it’s revamped version called Firefox Quantum.


Within a few steps, you can save the desired webpage opened in the browser running Firefox 57 without the need to install any other tools. The screenshot functionality is available on all the desktop variants running on platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Linux Distributions. In order to take screenshots on iOS and Android mobiles follow this guide.

Here’s How To Take Scrolling Screenshot:

1.Open the webpage you want to take screenshot of

2. Click the Page Actions Button on the right-hand side of the address bar


3. Select the Take a Screenshot option from the drop-down menu.




4. Select Save Full Page Option to take the screenshot of the webpage. To take the visible area of the web page, select the Save Visible option. To take a screenshot of only a particular area, select that part of the web page using a mouse.


5. Now you can download the scrolling screenshot by clicking the download button to save it or upload it to Mozilla’s cloud storage which will expire in 14 days after saving it.

To access the screenshots uploaded on the cloud, you can use My Shots to share, download and delete them later.

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