October 9, 2017

Taskworld- The Task Management Tool That Is Making Life Tough For Its Competitors

Every organization emphasizes the need for teamwork and every team strives to establish good and effective communication among its team members. The reason is very obvious – teamwork brings efficiency and its success depends on how effectively the team members communicate among themselves.  But we all know it is not that simple because the toughest and the most vital part of teamwork is ‘communication’.

As our organizations are growing in size and numbers, work management within the firm is becoming more and more complex. Personally, we faced this hurdle in our organization as well. To counter this we started looking at work management tools. We started with Trello, then moved to Asana and also tried out the Slacks and the Flocks. Every tool had valuable features be it the email notifications of Asana, To-do’s and opinion polls of Flock, drag-drop and in-line editing features of Trello, etc. We liked each of these but we feel none of these tools has that completeness. You guys might have used these tools or any of the many that are prevalent in the market today. Did you guys feel something is missing in each of these tools? Are you looking for better alternatives? Then you are not alone in your boat my friend! We are with you.

In this article, we are going to talk about the solution we found for our needs. Hope this helps you too!



Recently we came across this tool Taskworld. We registered for the 15-day trial version and tried out every feature that it offers. Here are the 6 solid reasons why you should consider using Taskworld –

1.  The Handy Visual Task Boards-


We all grew up using sticky notes. We love to stick our To-Do’s and reminders in the form of notes on our walls and doors. Taskworld gives you that essence with its handy visual task boards. Generally, a company has multiple departments such as Design, Human Resources, Finance, etc. You can just create task boards with those names as shown above. What is eye-catchy here is the overview of these taskboards that we get to see. How many tasks are assigned? and how many are completed? Are they active/completed/On hold? etc. This gives a clear outside understanding of all the tasks that go on in your firm.

Now if you go ahead and select a department, you will have multiple tasks within each department. Here, Taskworld caters useful features such as- assign a task to a team member, Due dates, and Tags. Yes, Trello and Asana gave us these privileges but why we prefer Taskworld here is because the due date feature gives a recurring tasks option where you can specify whether the task should be repeated every day, every month or every year. This visual appeal of the tasks and the ability to perform tasks in multiple departments makes Taskworld score more over competitors such as Trello, Asana, etc.

2. User-Friendly & Interactive Dashboard-


The best and the most touted part about Taskworld is it’s user-friendly and highly interactive dashboard. As soon as you log in to your account you are welcomed by this view as shown above. Every detail and every task that you must be aware of at the start of the day can be seen from here without a single click. Total tasks, tasks assigned to every individual, tasked assigned to you, tasks status, due dates…the list goes on! In terms of the Dashboard and the amount of information it is portraying, Taskworld beats any other tool any day. We found Asana, Trello, and Flock as very complex when it comes to the dashboard and the effectiveness in giving the bigger picture. Hands down, we owe it to Taskworld in this aspect.

3. The Comprehensive Analytics-

Pictorial/ Graphical representation of data is always easy to understand and Taskworld values this. All the other tools we used, we found it difficult to keep track of all the tasks. Usually, when you check on the task it disappears and marks as completed. When you are looking at an individual’s analysis, you want to know how many you assigned to him, how much time he took to complete them. In this regard, the Analytics feature offered by Taskworld is very comprehensive and it helps the department head to make a performance analysis of the individual in a fraction of a second. If you are looking for a work management tool that helps to understand the efficiency of your work and your employee’s work, then Taskworld is where you have to look- Thanks to its analytics feature.

4. Efficient File Management-


In our work environment, we share a lot of files such as pictures, articles, videos, etc with each other through Fb messenger, email, etc. Very often we lose track of what we shared and with whom we shared. That shouldn’t be a problem unless you want to refer back to that file. Unfortunately, when that day comes when you want that video of Ed Sheeran that you shared with your colleague for some other work, what do you do? Search through hundreds of emails or skim through that never-ending chat history? It is a tedious and frustrating process right! Taskworld eliminates this as it keeps track of all the files you shared through this platform. Adding to this, you can opt for the dedicated servers that offer unlimited storage options. That’s so very kind of you Taskworld!!

5. Interesting Chat Features-

The chat feature in Taskworld gives you all that you need. File attach option, GIF’s, Emojis, etc. It helps you send direct messages to a team member or send a broadcast message to an entire department or to the entire firm. You can also view all the members in your firm and their designations as shown below. This helps you get an understanding of who is who in your firm.

So is this chat feature good enough to surpass that of other tools? Well, in this aspect we felt Flock gave features such as opinion poll and code snippet in the chat window which were interesting. It’s a small add-on which might be unnecessary for most of you.

6. Deadline Tracking with the Timeline Feature-




One more valuable feature that Taskworld offers is the Timeline view as shown above. It’s a calendar that highlights the task deadlines. You can scroll the cursor to change a task’s deadline too. We found this pictorial representation of deadlines helpful as it is very simple and easy to keep track of the deadlines and allocate resources and time accordingly.


We found these 5 features really helpful and we are looking to upgrade to a paid version soon. The prices also seem to be reasonable. Taskworld is not a new tool. It is in the market since 2012 and has offices across East Asia, Europe, and the USA. Many companies have moved to Taskworld and that includes some big shots-



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After using so many other tools and now moving to Taskworld, we feel this tool stands out with the kind of completeness and the practicality that it offers. This sure is giving a tough competition to other work management tools and we highly recommend you guys to try it out as well. This is our experience with Taskworld and we are eager to know yours. Use it and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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