April 2, 2020

Tech Gifts for Savvy Seniors

Many seniors have adapted to the culture change and are embracing the world of new electronics and gadgets. These seniors realize that new tech doesn’t have to be intimidating, but can be interesting, entertaining, and helpful instead.

For these technologically-advanced Boomers, the following six items would make fantastic gifts.


A tablet is a great idea for the senior that wants to be online but doesn’t want the hassle of getting a computer, keyboard, and mouse. Remember that to be able to use the tablet at home, your senior friend or family member will need Wi-Fi installed, too. This can sometimes be added as part of their cable package or through the phone company.

Seniors, like everyone else, are expected to have online access. Even organizations and government agencies that are dedicated to working with seniors, such as AARP, Medicare, and Social Security, have online components that seniors are expected to interact with. Tablets make this possible without being intimidating.

Seniors can also correspond with friends and relatives through email or social media. This makes them feel more connected and less isolated and lonely. They can learn how to stay in touch with their loved ones in an efficient way.

Another great part of having a tablet is being able to purchase and download books from websites to read on the go. Whether your tech-savvy senior is traveling by plane, waiting for a bus, or snuggled under a blanket in bed, a virtual library can keep him or her well entertained.

Cell phones

Nearly everyone these days has at least a regular cell phone, and your favorite senior might already own one. But do they have just a basic cell phone or a smartphone?

It’s worth finding out because a tech-inclined senior will get plenty of use out of the right smartphone. For example, brands like Jitterbug cell phones have models with larger on-screen options and louder ringtones to assist the seeing- and hearing-impaired.

Depending on the smartphone brand, seniors may be able to use smartphones to hold video conversations with their children and grandchildren. This is especially important for those whose children moved away to start their families. Grandparents can “see” grandkids they may not see very often in person.

Smartphones can also be used to organize a full lifetime of contacts racked up in address books and Rolodexes. Phones make it easier for seniors to find numbers and ascertain who is calling them right away.

Your senior friend or family member will also get a kick out of being able to text people frequently and receive photos of loved ones in real-time.

Smartphones can also help in the event of an emergency. The generation that didn’t have the luxury of calling for help if they had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere is now our world’s most vulnerable group. Making sure your parents or grandparents are connected via smartphone is crucial to their health and safety.

Smart speakers

Home smart speakers are a great addition to the home of a gadget-savvy senior. They can play any song or any type of music on demand and can even make hands-free phone calls from across the room. They also can be connected to smart home appliances and electronics so the senior can turn lights on and off, adjust the heating and cooling, and lock doors and windows all without ever having to get up.

Most smart speakers can also provide the news, weather, and sports scores, as well as answer questions, provide directions, conduct research, and play games.

Big screen digital TVs

Big screen TV’s are becoming less of a luxury and more of the norm these days, but some stubborn seniors tend to stick with whatever television they may already have no matter how old it may be. Believe it or not, some seniors still favor TVs with tubes!

Getting your senior pal a big-screen TV offers many advantages. Even seniors with the best vision start to notice their sight fading as they grow older. A larger screen, however, can be clearly seen from across the room with little to no strain on the eyes. The sound system also has much better speakers than old TV’s, making it easier to hear.

Big-screen smart TV usually has access to streaming networks for more viewing options. Digital cable companies also provide DVR access for a fee, so older folks won’t miss any of their favorite shows on account of going to bed early. Seniors will be thrilled to learn that they can rewind, fast-forward, and pause content in a way they probably haven’t seen since using a VCR.

Satellite radios

For seniors used to hearing the same five to 10 radio stations for decades on end, the idea of getting access to hundreds of stations with niche content will be extremely appealing. With a vast variety of talk channels and musical stations built around nostalgic acts like The Beatles, your tech-inclined Boomer should be thrilled.

GPS systems

GPS comes standard in newer cars, but it can be a lifesaver for seniors with older cars who are still depending on a glove box full of maps to safely travel out of their area.

A GPS is not only helpful to the seniors–it can also give you peace of mind that your friends won’t get lost in unfamiliar territory. A good GPS system can help find rest areas, gas stations, hotels, and places to eat along the way. It will also alert users to traffic tie-ups, construction in the area, and bad weather ahead.

If seniors want to embrace technology with open arms, these are just some of the must-have gadgets that you should purchase for them as gifts. Seniors will be sure to appreciate the thought behind these practical and entertaining presents once they get the knack of using their new items. You might be surprised at how much even the most self-proclaimed old-fashioned guy or girl will enjoy a technological gift!

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