October 1, 2022

Technologies that Are Advancing Fast

We’ve all heard it. Technology is advancing at rates that few of us can truly understand. The rate of tech progress is stunning. Whether you’re talking about artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), or transportation, technology is quickly creating a new world. Humanity is going to evolve in a much faster and different way with advanced technology. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not; evolution is happening in all sorts of technologies. Here are the technologies that are advancing the fastest.


Artificial intelligence used to be the stuff of science fiction films. Not anymore. There are all kinds of AI units making incredible waves in technology and advancing not just the field at large but their own abilities. Machine learning allows AI bots to learn new things on their own. It can teach itself just about anything with access to the internet. Furthermore, AI can be used for a host of different purposes. You can create art with AI or solve complex problems. One engineer at Google even claimed that their groundbreaking AI LaMDA is sentient. A lot of people disagree about the philosophical questions of AI, but everyone agrees that technology is advancing very fast.


Like AI, robotics was also the stuff of films and science fiction novels. Robots don’t look exactly like we pictured them in the past, but they can do all kinds of incredible things. They can do tedious tasks repeatedly with precision and dexterity that humans don’t have. They can work with sharp objects. They can work in extreme temperatures. They can even work with hazardous materials. Whether you are remotely controlling a robot or using a suit from Sarcos Robotics to keep workers safe, there are many ways that the field has evolved. Robotic enhancements are improving the strength, endurance, and precision of humans.

Block Chain

When it comes to blockchain technology, its advancements are impacting multiple parts of human life. Cryptocurrency has challenged the traditional money system and the way that we think about finance. However, cryptocurrency isn’t the only result of blockchain tech. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, made a huge splash in the world when they were first sold on the market. Digital art, images, and video can be made into a minted NFT that is sold for a lot of money because it is limited to a certain amount. NFT artwork has just begun, and it is already changing the way people think about technology and art. Blockchain technology is advancing very quickly.


VR, or virtual reality, began humbly. The first Oculus was made fun of for its bad quality and tendency to make people vomit, but that stopped shortly after it began. Virtual and augmented reality (AR) are evolving into something truly spectacular. With AR and 5G internet, real tasks like remote surgeries are possible. Not to mention the entertainment value that these technologies have. VR will enable people to function completely within the digital world. AR uses the tangible world in tandem with the digital one. Whatever you think about these technologies, their benefits, and their drawbacks, VR and AR are moving quickly and changing the future as we know it.


Transportation is a huge part of human life. We have always moved around, and it is getting easier and easier. The world is becoming smaller and smaller. Now, with image capture technology, lithium batteries, automation, and solutions from AI and machine learning, vehicles are becoming something entirely new. More akin to robots or supercomputers, cars, planes, and trains will be able to transport themselves without drivers. Traffic will be greatly improved by automation, GPS, and AI analytics. Accidents will decrease. If you are looking for just how fast things are changing, look to transportation.

There is no way to know just how fast technology will change our lives. Some would say that the future is now. This is because the advancements are already here. While the average human has yet to truly experience some of these advances, it won’t be long until most people on Earth are affected by this quick evolution. It is happening regardless of our feelings. The best move is to embrace it and use technology to our advantage.

About the author 

Elle Gellrich

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