July 12, 2022

Technologies Used in Online Gaming

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Sir Albert Einstein said these words of wisdom when the little technologies had just come into existence. While it was said decades back, it is still apt for today’s technological advancements. 

The advent of technology has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. With new technological terminologies coming in every day, it has become evident that one day machines will rule humanity if not controlled. Like every other field is left untouched by the impact of technology, the world of gaming has also seen some major advancements. The technological advancements in the gaming sector have made the experience of gaming beyond our imagination. 

Here is a list of some technologies that have revolutionized the world of online gaming. 

1. Cloud Gaming

For a seamless gaming experience, one needs a dedicated gaming system. And with ever-evolving technologies, it is difficult to update your system with every new advancement. This is where the role of cloud computing comes into play. It eliminates the need to buy and upgrade expensive systems every few years; instead, it provides a cloud data center where there are massive server-size limits, and also, there is no limit on the memory. 

2. Facial and Voice Recognition

The technology of 3D scanning and facial recognition replicates and adapts your facial expressions onto the player. While the technology of voice recognition can help the system recognize your voice commands and follow them. These technologies can make your gaming experience more fun and seamless. Also, the advancements in facial recognition help detect minor players and bar them from playing violent games.

3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

The gaming industry has successfully implemented AR and VR tools that have made the whole experience of gaming more fun. The virtual reality tools include a headset display that allows a full-fledged immersion in the game. In comparison, the augmented reality tools deal with objects in real life and create a game from those. For example, playing hockey on your dining table top. When combined together, these two technologies can deliver masterpieces of the gaming world.

4. Blockchain Technology

As the word ‘blockchain’ explains itself, it is a chain of blocks that contains information, and this information is difficult to be cracked by hackers. This is why blockchain technology is used in gaming to keep the information of online gamers secure. Privacy is a big concern when you are extensively using the internet. Websites like https://topcasinosearch.com allow you to make payments using cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets for safe and secure transactions in online gambling. 

5. 3D Graphics

The photo-realistic textures in online gaming make the experience of online gaming more enjoyable. The better the graphics, the better the playing experience. Earlier, the games were two-dimensional and confined to a screen, but now with better graphics and special effects, the gaming experience has become more realistic. When merged with AR and VR technologies, it gives a seamless gaming experience.

6. High Definition Displays

The magic of 3D graphics and special effects comes into vision with the help of high-definition displays. The experience of ultra 4k gaming is undeniably the best. Televisions, laptops, and screens with 4k display capabilities are a perfect addition to your gaming console. The beautiful colors and contrasts of the 4k screen make the gaming experience come to life. 

7. Mobile Gaming

We have the world in our hands in the form of our smartphones. We use our smartphones for everything and anything, and that also includes gaming. The gaming experience from smartphones is easily accessible and easy to use. You can play it from your living room or office just with a device that can fit between your palms. You do not require any paraphernalia to play games from your mobile phones. 

8. Metaverse

Giants like Facebook and Microsoft are set on a path to create a virtual world for you. A virtual universe that will allow you to access every form of entertainment and gaming like playing chess or bowling. It will altogether be a different world where you can have conversations, play games, and socialize with other people present. It will keep you engaged in some form or the other and create a captive audience for you for their services.

9. Gesture Controls

With the help of 3D cameras and screening, the system can track the movement of your hands and the expressions on your face. With this, you can eliminate the need for a controller in gaming. You can just control the game with the movements and gestures of your body. This can be combined with VR and AR technologies to make gaming a smooth experience for yourself.

10. Wearable Technology

The virtual reality headset is an example of wearable technology. Smart watches and glasses also fall into this category. We wear smartwatches in our daily lives to track our fitness and steps; now, the industry is also focussing on somehow amalgamating it with entertainment. Wearable technology can come in very handy in the field of online gaming. 


We are surrounded by technology, and there is no way out of it. It has made our lives comfortable, while it has also added some complexities to our lives. It has become impossible to imagine our lives without smartphones, laptops, the internet, and other gadgets in our vicinity. The advancements in technology have given rise to a profession called online gamers. 

Professional gamers have emerged in the last decade, and they make good enough money to pay their bills and keep themselves entertained. This has become easier with the technologies mentioned above. The advancements have made the whole experience of gaming more professional and amazing. The coming decade is showing rising trends of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in the field of gaming, which will eventually result in a better gaming experience. 

Only one thing to be kept in mind while dealing with technological advancements in online gaming is that everything should be done in a controlled manner. One should have control over the machine, and the machine should not be controlling you in any manner. 

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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