December 27, 2021

Technology Behind Megaways Slots

Slots are, without a doubt, the most popular game category in online casinos. Players worldwide pick these games due to their simplicity and fun factor. They come with a range of themes, types, and categories, and they are suitable for both newcomers and high-rollers.

Over the years, Megaways technology has revolutionized the online slots industry and brought a new level of excitement to slot players. But where did it all start? And how do these slots work? Let’s find out.

Origins of Megaways Slots

The Megaways story started in 2015 when Big Time Gaming developed this mechanic. Up until then, the company had been looking for a new mechanic it could add to slot games, which had already begun to take up more and more space in online casinos.

The first slot game to feature the Megaways mechanic was Dragon Born; however, it was Bonanza that put it on the map a year later. This slot captured the players’ attention (and their hearts) and has been a staple in the online gaming community ever since. From then on, many providers have started creating their own Megaways slots.

What Is Megaways Technology?

When it first appeared, the Megaways technology represented a new way to design online slot games. Unlike the classic slot framework, which uses paylines where players can create winning combinations, Megaways technology relies on adjacent reels, where players need to win symbols.

This is what provides more winning opportunities on Megaways slots. Additionally, the chances to win are increased by the technology that includes a random reel modifier. This means that several symbols may appear on the reels during one spin, leading to Megaways slots offering thousands of ways to win — sometimes even up to 100,000!

How Does It Work?

If you feel confused by the Megaways technology, don’t worry — it’s actually pretty easy to understand. The one thing you should note is the number of ways to win and its significance. Other than that, there’s nothing too sophisticated in how these slots work compared to their counterparts. You can read more about that here.

First of all, every rotation in Megaways slots is unique. This is due to a changeable number of symbols on the grid. The only thing that doesn’t change is the number of reels — there are six of them. The number of rows also varies — it’s typically between two and seven.

With such info, you can calculate how many paylines participate in generating the winning pool by yourself. So, for example, if the game features a 4×6 grid, the math looks like this:

4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 4,096

How to Play and Win?

Newcomers might think that there is a special philosophy that applies to playing Megaways games. It’s actually quite the contrary. The process is extremely similar to playing regular slot games — all you have to do is place your stake and click on the Play or Spin button. To win, you need to get the same symbol on adjacent reels — not aligned, as that gives you many more winning chances. But to do that, you need to find a Megaways slot that fits your standards.

Are There Any Strategies?

Just like other classic slot games, Megaways slots don’t have particular strategies that you can apply. However, you can still pay attention to the casinos’ welcome bonuses and use them to your advantage when signing up for a new account.

If you’re impatient to get big wins, start with low-volatility slots. This volatility level allows you to hit wins frequently — however, don’t expect the wins to be huge. Lastly, once you get the hang of things, pick the slots with bonuses and modifiers. That will open the door to more lucrative play.

Advantages of Playing Megaways Slots

If you’re still on the fence about playing Megaways slots, here are some advantages that may sway you.

  • Numerous winning possibilities — from 64 to 531,441 paylines
  • Frequent wins due to a large number of winning possibilities
  • Availability anytime and in any place on iOS and Android devices
  • Straightforward rules
  • Accessibility on numerous websites worldwide

There you go — now, it’s up to you to start your Megaways journey.

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