April 20, 2021

TeePublic Reviews: How It Works, Quality, and More

TeePublic, a print-on-demand service that’s now owned by RedBubble, has been gaining popularity for the past recent years. However, it appears that not that many people are aware of its existence just yet. Whether you’re an interested buyer or designer who wants to make use of TeePublic’s services, then this article will be able to break down everything you need to know.

What Is TeePublic?

TeePublic was initially launched as a t-shirt store in 2013 by the team who worked behind College Humor and Busted Tees. In 2018, however, RedBubble acquired TeePublic, but these days, these two companies don’t seem to be too intertwined with each other. At this point in time, it wouldn’t make sense to call TeePublic as just a t-shirt store; the company has a variety of products available with designs from both big brands and indie artists.

How Does It Work?

If you’re familiar with other print-on-demand websites, then you probably know how TeePublic functions. TeePublic gives designers an easy and convenient way to earn money. If you’re a designer, then you just need to upload your work and when a consumer wants your design on a shirt, for instance, you receive profit from it while TeePublic takes care of not only the printing, but the shipping too.

Is TeePublic Legit?

Basing on TeePublic reviews alone, it’s clear to see that TeePublic is a legitimate website and it’s not out to scam you of your money or designs. The business has been around for about 7 years now, and most buyers haven’t had an issue with it. Even most of the designers themselves don’t have anything bad to say about TeePublic, seeing as they’ve been receiving their profits with no problem.

Are There Any Downsides to This Service?

Nothing is ever perfect, so it’s understandable that some mishaps happen every now and then, causing unhappy customers. In the case of the buyers, there are some who weren’t impressed with the printing quality or received the incorrect items. What makes things even harder is that TeePublic doesn’t have a contact number you could call. The only way to reach out to the customer service team is either through email or chat.

How to Begin Your First Campaign on TeePublic

If you’re a designer who has been meaning to post your very own listing on TeePublic, here’s a quick and easy guide on setting up your first campaign.

Create Your Design

If you’ve thought about what niche you’re going for—think this through; it’s important if you want to ensure success—the next step is to create your design. You need to make something you know for sure will catch the attention of buyers. Do thorough research beforehand so you know what’s currently trendy.

When sizing your design, you need to make sure that it’s 5000 pixels x 5000 pixels. This size ensures that your design will be able to fit the different products available. Also, make sure that your design is of the highest quality possible—2040px is recommended. After all, you’d be flooded with unhappy customers if their order has a low-quality image printed on it.

Upload It to the Website

Once your design is ready, all you have to do next is upload the image to your TeePublic dashboard. If you have several designs, you can upload them all at once so you can create multiple listings with ease.

Choose Which Products

Refer back to the thorough research you’ve done—which products are selling like hot potatoes? Choose those products for your design, as there’s a guarantee that you’d be able to sell something. As they say, you need to consider what buyers want, not what you want pesonally.

Add a Product Description and Tags

When thinking up tags and product descriptions, you need to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. For instance, if the design you’ve uploaded is about Santa Claus, then “Santa” should be your main keyword. With that in mind, you need to add this keyword in your product description too. The more related keywords you add, the better.

Publish the Design

Now that everything is ready and prepared, you can go ahead and publish your very first TeePublic listing. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to choose the colors for the products before you officially publish the design. Once again, you have to think about what’s trendy or in demand. If you’re uploading a Christmas design, for instance, you can choose the color red for the product so that it will match the season and overall vibe.


If you’re an artist who wants to earn some money from your designs, then publishing your work on print-on-demand websites like TeePublic might be the kickstart you need. If you’re just an interested buyer, then TeePublic is definitely worth checking out. There are a variety of designs available for different kinds of products—whether you’re interested in superheroes, video games, or just beautiful art in general, you’ll definitely find it here.

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