August 27, 2019

Tekken-7 Review

Games that can attract more and more players are indeed the profitable ones. It’s the same with this game. Tekken is an action game played by many across the world. Every player who loves to play action genre games this one is definitely on their favorite list. It’s the seven installments of the Tekken series. After many updates, this edition got launched successfully.

This edition has many new features such as Rage Arts and the Power Crush mechanic. Thus it made it a friendly game than the previous versions. It released its limited arcade in Japan on March 2015.

The new features make this game more exciting and fascinating for the gamers. Tekken 7 made a massive success before its first anniversary. About three million copies sold, reaching up to four million by March 2019. What makes this Tekken 7 different from others is its theme and the description of the character.

A new update of the arcade version, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, was released in Japan on July 2016. This version has unique features which include new items, characters, stages, etc. So, it was ultimately a modern era game for every player who played it. This game mainly focuses on 1v1 battles. Which also helps to give you a wholly unique gaming experience of this version.

After all the reformations Tekken 7 become entirely a new type of action game which gained a lot of popularity among gamers, especially the youngsters. As we know that it is the seventh installment of the Tekken series, this game made the first use of Unreal Engine 4 in it. So, you see a lot of new and exciting factors got added in this version. This same version got released for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 2017. There was a new plot which got introduced in this version. So, overall, we can say that Tekken emerged itself as a whole new game in this version that interested many players.


The Tekken series has always been merciful with its updates. It stands true to its reputation in arcades. But for many gamers, it was the console ports that left a lasting impression. This version often included dramatic story campaigns and a lot of beats- em- up modes of sports. And in new years, the goal of unlocking and customizing outfits for the large cast of the game rounded out the most satisfying goal of all.

The game is getting good. Tekken 7 has kept most of the old traditions alive and once again delivered a fast, hard-hitting action game for which the entire series is known. Tekken 7 had some server-stability issues at launch. But it is otherwise a great sequel that can confidently claim its position among the best fighting games in today’s world.

It focuses on utilizing space and lateral movement during combat similar to other 3D fighter games like Virtua Fighter, and Dead or Alive. While other games might use different techniques, Tekken 7 apk uses a set of inches. Fighters in the game punch, kick and wrestle up close and there is little margin for error. One sloppy move and your game are doomed! It will be a hasty defeat.

Tekken 7 can be punishing; it’s fighting system isn’t that easy and doesn’t let you take advantage of it. The intuitive control scheme assigns one button to each limb. Due to which you can learn to fight only step by step. If you are a beginner, you will take time to learn to attack and retaliate.

If you are playing Tekken 7, the biggest mistake that you can lob in the game is that they haven’t done a perfect job in explaining the intricacies of mechanics. Forget understanding approaching to learn your character; their move lists take you through 100 entries hard to understand and remember.

Apart from a few icons that represent attacks, everything is haphazard. There are no hierarchies with no categories. Lists are disorganized. Thankfully, you can quickly scroll through attack hints while you are ‘live’ in the game and playing, or during practice, and without repeatedly entering menus.

No matter what, Tekken 7 stays a game to recommend to many.


Review section:


The other factor is that it is a deep fighting game with not just dozens but a lot of unique fighting styles to explore along with characters.

It is the mix of melodrama and slapstick comedy keeping the overall experience restricted.

It even contains a repository which is heartwarming of the Tekken series’ most memorable moments.

You can even train offline on treasure battles.


Mechanics are a big problem. They haven’t explained adequately.

Unstable servers make it challenging to find ranked matches online.

The game got packed with a wide range of characters and fighting styles. While it might be annoying for the Tekken’s usual players and users to be seeing the ordinary things and figures and not much new, but it might be amusing for new players to test some waters in the game.

So, what do you think?

Will you be playing Tekken 7?


Now we are at the end of our review of Tekken 7 version. A lot of unknown factors, new plot, incredible features, a complete package of entertainment. Gamers got more fascinated, and this helped Tekken 7 to become more successful. As we know that out of all the genres, action themes are mostly preferred by many. So, it was also one of the reasons this game got a lot of attention in the gaming world. So what are you waiting for till now? Go and start your new journey of Tekken 7 version.

It would give you more fun. Tough we have reviewed the features of this new version, but still, you first start playing this game and then decide for yourself. You can figure out whether this review is up to the mark after you played the game. If you find this information helpful, then do share with others.

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