March 2, 2021

The Benefits of Skills-Based Routing for Service

Excellent support is one of the most important things any business can offer to its customers. While you can set yourself apart from the competition with various advanced features, and a lower price tag, the kind of meaningful experiences you offer to your customers will make the biggest difference in the long-term.

In a business with a complex support environment, a good ticketing system will make it easier to send the requests for assistance that come from your customers to the people best-suited to handle those issues. Without the right solutions, teams frequently end up passing customer queries from one person to the next, leading to longer resolution times and reduced productivity. Here’s why every company could benefit from skills-based routing.

Skills-Based Strategies Improve Workflow

A skills-based routing system within your ticketing management technology means your system can automatically match customer needs to the most suitable pool of agents, depending on their skills. Rather than showing all tickets to all agents, the team can access the tickets most likely to suit their skills and experience. Benefits include:

  • Better Agent Productivity: With this technology, your customer service reps can focus on the tickets and queries they’re most equipped to answer, rather than rerouting questions to other professionals. This increases productivity and helps you to resolve problems faster for your customers too.
  • Streamlined Workflows: SBR technology helps to reduce the use of countless features like triggers, view systems, and groups to figure out where each ticket should go. Instead, support reps can get access to a single-pane-of-glass solution that helps them to track the work they have to do in a more effective way.
  • Lower Costs: When your workforce isn’t dealing with complicated triaging processes with support tickets, you can ensure that your employees are focusing on the tasks that drive the biggest benefits for your business. Your software does the hard work of routing for you, so you can focus on everything else.

Improving Your Routing Strategy

Excellent customer experience is a must-have in today’s competitive world. However, delivering a good experience to your customers means making sure that you have the right solution in place for sending queries to the employees most equipped to handle them. Routing tickets based on the skills and background knowledge of your professionals mean that your clients spend less time waiting for someone to come along who can eventually solve their issues.

At the same time, your employees get to focus on the work that drives the most satisfaction for them, putting their skills to the test in a variety of situations that they’re well trained for. This can even reduce the number of arguments in the workplace caused by employees who would otherwise try to cherry-pick the simplest tasks to reduce their workload. All the while, because you’ve got a fully automated system that collects information and routes it according to your pre-set policies, it’s also easier to track the outcomes of changes to your business processes. This could mean that you can spot roadblocks in your business strategy a lot faster.

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Peter Hatch

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