August 17, 2021

HD Entertainment: The Best 4K Movies to Watch Online

These days, it’s all about high-quality everything—from devices owned and content consumed. There are so many accessible options these days that there’s really no reason to settle for less than the standard. One of the things that people want high-quality versions of at all times is movies, which is why 4K movies are always sought after because they offer a completely different viewing experience than movies that are of low quality. With 4K movies, you no longer have to go to the cinema to watch crystal-clear videos.

In this article, we’ll list down some of the best 4K movies you’ll want to watch if you haven’t already.

What Is 4K Definition?

4K resolution is one of, if not the highest-quality, resolution available these days. What does this mean, exactly? 4K resolution is about a horizontal display resolution that has about 4000 pixels. Of course, there are different types of 4K resolutions being used within the industry. For instance, TV and consumer media typically use 3840 × 2160 as the standard 4K resolution, but other industries use 4096 × 2160.

Top 5 4K Movies

Given the current situation in the world, most movie theaters have been shut down, and if you want to watch the latest movies, you have no choice but to watch these at home. While this may be disheartening to many, the fact that you can watch movies in 4K quality can definitely lighten the mood at least a little. If you’re at a loss as to which movie to start watching during your free time, we’ve compiled a list of must-see 4K movies below:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is a critically-acclaimed movie featuring not only world-renowned stars but Oscar-winning ones as well. If you want an excellent movie experience, we highly recommend this musical drama film. This drama is a movie adaptation of a play, which is the original format of the title. The movie takes place in a recording studio based in Chicago back in 1927. It’s full of music, drama, and is a hundred percent engrossing.


1917 is an intense movie that would look incredible on your 4K TV. It’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that has tugged the heartstrings of many, despite having a flat storyline. If you like action movies, look no further than the heart-pumping 1917 film. It’s full of guns, shooting, soldiers, war, and death. This incredible film can be viewed on Amazon, so add it to your to-watch list as soon as you can.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is a must-watch for Stephen King fans, especially those who loved The Shining. In this title, Danny Torrance—the child from the first movie—grows up into a troubled adult who tries to forget his traumatic past through vices. Horror and thriller fans will surely get a treat from all the jump scares present in this film, especially when being viewed in 4K. You can watch Doctor Sleep on Sky.

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Parasite became an incredibly popular title recently, so much so that it was impossible to browse social media without people hyping this movie up. It’s a thrilling and action-packed film that will keep you on your toes for its entirety. Parasite showcases the two different sides of society through two completely different families, and how they all eventually live a parasitic lifestyle.


Last but not least, we also highly recommend watching Mulan if you want beautiful 4K visuals. If you watched Disney movies growing up, then you’re most likely familiar with this title. Mulan is a modernized take on a certain Chinese folklore, which is what the animated movie was based on as well. You can look forward to a lot of action from this film. Many critics commend Mulan for its incredible visuals and cinematography, which is why you should definitely watch it in 4K.


There’s no fun in watching low-quality movies, but fortunately, many movies have a 4K version already. If you have a 4K TV, make the most out of it by ensuring you only watch the highest quality possible. If you’ve run out of movies to watch, check out the ones we’ve mentioned above.

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