August 21, 2019

The best expansions in the history of World of Warcraft

Videogames today are a very successful and huge industry; a part of this achievement is due to a large amount of fun and high-quality videogames that are constantly released each year. Although there are currently thousands of videogames, very few have managed to revolutionize the entire industry and have managed to lay the groundwork for current videogames; among that large minority is undoubtedly World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft (WoW for short) is an MMORPG developed by Blizzard that has been able to achieve unmatched popularity and has also managed to be one of the main inspirations for all current MMORPG.

World of Warcraft has all the elements that make up an MMORPG (A huge world to explore, battles against all kinds of monsters, customization of an avatar, among other elements).

Like all MMORPGs, WoW needs to be constantly updated in order to offer its players a never-ending videogame that will never get boring. These updates that WoW receives are called “Expansions“, and are basically content that is downloaded and then installed in the WoW files. These Expansions can change many major aspects of the game, such as its gameplay, its history, its interfaces, and even much of its world. Thanks to the various Expansions that World of Warcraft has had throughout its history, this has lasted 14 years and has become the most successful MMORPG.

Another element that may increase the success of WoW is the future remastering of its first version of 2005, this has the name of World of Warcraft Classic (abbreviated as WoWC), and will try to offer nostalgia to those players who had experienced the world of WoW in its early days. Although WoWC has not yet been released, it already has a great success and a great community. For that reason, it is normal to find people who buy Warcraft Classic gold, even before its release, and it is also expected that WoWC gold will have more value than WoW gold when the game is released.

Having said that, to celebrate the future release of WoWC (which will be in less than 15 days), below will be mentioned a Top 5 of the best expansions that World of Warcraft has had throughout its history, taking into account the most outstanding elements that these brought to the game.

5- Legion

This list begins with Legion. This expansion of WoW is known to be very complete and entertaining because it introduced many new and interesting concepts to the gameplay of the game, such as the inclusion of the “Artifact Weapons,” which are very powerful items that are also used by legends in the history of WoW.

The history of Legion is developed through the union between the Horde and the Alliance in order to fight against the “Burning Legion”, this history is accompanied by Fantastic. In addition, Legion also managed to improve the various WoW Quest.

Another very important aspect that was included in this expansion was the category of dungeons “Mythic Plus”, which is one of the most popular of WoW.

4- Warlords of Draenor

The Warlords of Draenor expansion introduced an increase in the limit level that could be achieved by WoW characters, which was extended to level 100. In addition, Warlords of Draenor also introduced the much-requested rebalance in the difficulty of the dungeons and included the Mithic category in them.

The history of Warlords of Draenor unfolds in an alternative reality where Grommash Hellscream and the Orcs (which come from Draenor) never fall prey to the pact with demons, and consequently, become great conquerors rather than slaves or thugs of the dark forces.

This expansion also brought a balance in the various modes and mechanics that specialized in the player vs. WoW player, this balance managed to promote a more fluid competition in the game.

3- The Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade was one of the most important expansions of World of Warcraft since this was the one that released more new content (taking into account that this was one of the first expansions of all WoW). The Burning Crusade was the first expansion to include the fantastic kinematics of the beginning (this aspect became a custom of each new WoW expansion), this expansion was able to offer huge amounts of new content that changed the world of WoW a lot, also made huge changes to its game system, and of course, added a lot of activities available to the player who returned to WoW an endless game.

The Burning Legion was also the first expansion to introduce the Draenei and Blood Elves breeds, which are some of WoW’s most popular breeds today. These breeds come from a completely new world that has been added in this expansion, this world is called “The Outland” and is totally explorable.

Another aspect that stood out a lot in The Burning Crusade, was the introduction of excellent raids, and dungeons with a fairly high difficulty, but very well balanced.

2- Wrath of the Lich King

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion can be seen as a sequel to the story of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, where one of the most emblematic villains in the history of WoW: Arthas reappears. This great villain is practically the main engine of the story of Wrath of the Lich King.

This expansion was the first to introduce the heroic class: Death Knight, also extended the world of WoW by including a new area called Northrend, which is north of Azeroth, this area is full of challenges and monsters quite strong.

Other important aspects that stood out in Wrath of the Lich King were: The increase in the maximum level that the characters could reach (which extends to level 80), the inclusion of the Uldar raid (considered by many as the best raid), a fairly well-developed class design, and a very well-done catalog of professions. All this without mentioning its incredible kinematics from the beginning where Arthas is undoubtedly the one that stands out the most.

1- Cataclysm

We end this list with the Cataclysm expansion, which has always been a favorite among WoW players.

This expansion, unlike the others, not only focused on expanding the wider world of WoW, Cataclysm basically changed the entire map of the game.

In Cataclysm, the element that stands out most is its great atmosphere of destruction along with the appearance of Death Wing, a giant flying dragon that literally tried to burn everything in its path, and is so powerful that its flapping causes great storms and its roars cause earthquakes, with all the above, it is quite obvious the great change Cataclysm meant in the world of WoW.

The Cataclysm expansion also provided its players with an increase in the capacity of the maximum level their characters could reach, which was extended to level 85: The new dungeons, the appearance of new raids (along with an improvement in their mechanics), the introduction of two new races (the Worgen and the Goblin), and an improved handling of the Shadow. All of the above makes Cataclysm one of the best expansions in the history of World of Warcraft.

Very good, those were the World of Warcraft expansions that are considered the best in all its history. It should be noted that the aforementioned expansions, in addition to simply increasing the content of the game, were also a source of very well executed radical changes that helped secure WoW’s success over time, this is because Blizzard constantly strives to offer its players an excellent story that seems to have no end, and a highly polished gameplay that has managed to improve over time.

The popularity of World of Warcraft seems never to end, and it is hoped that the next Blizzard project (World of Warcraft Classic) will also captivate your players and may instill nostalgia for those players who loved the beginnings of WoW.

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