July 22, 2021

The Best GBA Emulators for Android You Can Download for Free

Playing video games isn’t a new hobby; it has been around for a very long time now, and there has been a variety of video game consoles to keep gamers entertained for countless hours. These days, people enjoy playing video games on their gaming computers or laptop, or perhaps even on their phones or tablets. However, back then, the GBA console by Nintendo was all the rage. It’s been a long while since the console’s initial release, and retailers no longer sell it. But there’s actually a way for you to keep playing your favorite GBA games on your Android device via an emulator.

Sounds awesome, right? In this article, we’ll list down some of the best emulators you can download on your phone—free of charge! It’s worth noting that, unfortunately, Apple users can’t download these applications because the App Store doesn’t allow any emulators available.

The Top 5 GBA Emulators for Android Devices

1. Pizza Boy GBA

If you want a GBA emulator that’s able to load ROMs fast, then you might want to check out Pizza Boy GBA. It touts that it can play games at 60 FPS no matter what kind of hardware you’re playing on. Plus, it offers cool features such as slow-motion, fast-forward, and more. You can also take screenshots through the application itself, which will automatically be saved in JPG format.

2. The Zafiro Simulator

The Zafiro Simulator is so popular because it allows you to save the state of the game you’re in the middle of playing if you have an errand to run or you have to be somewhere quickly. Some games won’t allow you to save while you’re in the middle of battle, for example, so this save state feature is great when you’re on the go. Once you’re ready to start playing again, you can continue where you left off, even if it’s in the middle of a conversation or dialogue.

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3. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy is yet another GBA emulator, but what makes it different than others is that it also offers other consoles such as the PlayStation, Sega Genesis, all the versions of the Game Boy. So, if you’re tired of playing games on a certain console, you can quickly choose another one so the fun never stops. To make the gaming experience even better, you can also use external hardware such as joysticks or keyboards so you can play games with ease.

4. John GBAC

John GBAC combines two different emulators and combines them into one emulator that’s full of functionalities and features. The two emulators in question are John GBC and John GBA, and it definitely works better than either one of them. No matter what ROM you want to play, John GBAC will definitely be able to read and play it without any problems.

5. My Boy

Last but not least, we recommend the My Boy emulator. This emulator offers a wide variety of features you’ll surely enjoy, not to mention the fact that it’s compatible with most ROMs. Like the other apps, you can fast-forward games or have them in slow motion, depending on how you enjoy playing. If you’re looking for an emulator that fully supports link cable emulation, then look no further than My Boy for the full retro gaming experience.


If you’re feeling nostalgic for your childhood, download these emulators during your next day off from work and just spend the whole day playing games you used to love as a kid. Just because the console is long obsolete doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy awesome GBA titles.

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