September 3, 2022

The Best Website Builders for Your Business

Websites are created not only with the help of programmers. To avoid having to code – to wait for months and pay thousands of dollars, free site designers have been invented. Of course, they won’t allow you to create a site similar to or YouTube, but they will be great for beginners.

Algorithm of Site Creation With These Tools


Choose a platform and register. Some designers are enough to authorize through email or social networks. Others will need additional data, such as the scope of activities. Some ask if you make a site for business or for yourself.

Choosing the Type of Site

Online store, landing page, business card, portfolio, and the block is all popular designers. They make it easier to customize the site to suit your needs. For example, the online store will already have a block of goods. There are also topics of areas: legal services, cakes to order, clothing stores, and other services and products. If in the process, you want to change the type, not with every platform this will work: somewhere you will have to create a website all over again.


Before you design pages, write out the text. That way you will understand what blocks are needed. For example, benefits, services, promotions, and stages of work. Write a little, to the point, and to the benefit of the reader: use an informative style. Remove long enumerations, evaluation words, stamps, and clich├ęs. These unnecessary words will be found with the help of the service


Websites are made of blocks, but this does not mean that you can not change their style. Choose colors, and fonts, remove unnecessary blocks and add photos, and icons. There are enough options on platforms to make the site almost unique.


Search engines do not block sites made by the designer. On the contrary, move them up in the search, as they are structured. But you can still improve the results. To do this, fill in the name of the site, and description, and specify page addresses from the words.

Domain, SSL, HTTPS

The page, which is made on the free rate constructor, will have a service address. But you can buy a domain or connect a paid constructor plan: a domain is often included in the price. Then you will have an address with your brand.

You also need an SSL certificate to protect your users’ personal data: passwords, and credit cards. Make sure that such a certificate is included in the tariff.

Check the redirection to HTTPS. HTTPS and HTTP are the two protocols by which information is transmitted. HTTPS is a secure protocol, so choose it in the settings so as not to lower the page’s ranking in the search engine.

Publication and Indexing

Before publication, the site does not show the search engines. After that, the robots index the page, that is, give it to users’ requests.

Best Website Builders



  • Over 500 templates – everything can be changed to your style.
  • The platform can create the site itself – just specify the scope and answer a few questions.
  • Over 250 widgets are available: feedback unit, form builder, google maps, and messenger chats.
  • Automatic indexing by search engines – configure page meta tags, part of the URL, structured data, and robots.txt files.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • Once you choose a template, you can’t change it.
  • Not a simple admin panel – for a beginner it will be difficult to figure out how to manage the site.



  • Over 550 blocks: full-screen covers, photo galleries, service and benefits blocks, background videos, applications, and callback.
  • There is Zero Block, a graphic editor for designers to create completely unique pages rather than changing templates.
  • Sites are automatically well indexed by search engines, as blocks are arranged sequentially and header levels can be highlighted.
  • The webmaster checks the site for errors and tells you how to improve your SEO settings. For example, it will point out that the H1 tag is not set.


  • Your domain is free only on an annual plan – if you want to pay monthly, you’ll need to pay extra for the domain.
  • Zero-block adaptation is done manually, otherwise, the site will be distorted on different devices.
  • It’s difficult to set up product filters for the online store.



  • About 40 free templates, including those for corporate portals, and blogs.
  • You can customize fonts and backgrounds, and adapt the site to your corporate identity.
  • Pages load quickly thanks to clean code.
  • Sites are well indexed by search engines, it is easy to set up meta tags.


  • It’s not designed for beginners, without knowledge of HTML and CSS it will be difficult to understand.

Complicated rates with many restrictions.

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