July 23, 2015

The Bird Tap App: Provides Relief to Thirsty Birds – An App with first of its Kind

Imagine, how people struggles to get a glass of water in a hot summer season to fulfill your thirst. As we are human beings, we can go anywhere and ask for a glass of water or atleast we have a choice of buying it from any shop. Unfortunately, birds don’t have that chance to express their thirst for few drops of water. Everyone might have read the tale of a crow and pot wherein the crow strives hard to raise the water level by throwing stones into the pot. Unfortunately, these sweet creatures are unlucky as they have to face the harsh realities of the summer. While Indian summers are most inconvenient for us due to high temperatures and scarcity of water, it can be a downright life threatening for the birds. During this season, the roadside acquifers run dry, these small birds have to flyy miles and miles in brutal temperatures just to get few drops of water. Every year, thousands of birds perish during the scalding summer months due to intolerable heat and thirst.

Bird Tap App provides Respite to Thirsty Birds

Usually, such pathetic situations of birds are especially seen in urban areas where natural resources are very rare. A group of people from a charitable trust perceived the problem of birds and introduced a new mobile app for providing resist for the thirsty birds. This app not only helps you to set up an earthen bowl for the birds but also reminds you to refill the bowl whenever the water dries up.

“The Bird Tap” App: Provides Respite to Thirsty Birds

A new mobile app entitled as “The Bird Tap” was designed and launched by Surat-based Animal Welfare NGO, Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust, in collaboration with Humane Society International located in Hyderabad. The whole team aims at providing water for thirsty birds by distributing thousands of earthen bowls to people in the summer. As they were unable to keep track of all the bowls whether their service is reaching all the birds, the team thought of launching an app that provides systematic approach for installing and maintaining these water bowls.

How to Install and Register with “The Bird Tap” App 

The app helps users get free-of-cost water bowls and install them in public or private locations where they can be accessed easily by birds. Prayas has set up several water bowls in multiple distribution centres in order to facilitate people to take part in this service. These earthen bowls are specially made up of soil that keeps the water cool during summer and they can be hanged on trees or in balconies. As they are not easily available in market, Prayas has introduced this bird tap app. You can easily install and register with this app by following simple steps given below:

Install Bird Tap app

Initially, install “The Bird Tap” app on your mobile. You can install the app on your Android mobile from the Google Play Store.

Click Here: The Bird Tap

The Bird Tap App

1. Registration

  • You will get a registration page wherein you need to enter your credentials like Name and Mobile Number.
  • After filling the details, just tap on Submit.

How to register for Bird Tap app

2. Distributors

Bird Tap-select distributors

  • You will get a list of water bowl distributors along with the address and timings.
  • Select any of the distributor which is located nearby your hometown.

3. Token Received

Bird Tap app- Token Number received

  • A 5 – digit unique Token number will be provided to you that is displayed in My Token page.
  • The location where the pot can be collected is displayed along with the address, timing and name of the person.
  • After receiving the pot, you can just tap on “Pot Received” button displayed on the screen.

4. Pot Installation

  • This is the most crucial step in which you need to install the water bowl.
  • Take a photo of the pot where you have installed and upload to the app for verification purpose.
  • The Photo of Pot installation is nothing but the location where you wish to place your pot.

Bird Tap app- Add photo of Pot Installation


  • You can select pot visibility either as “Public” or “Private”.
  • If you choose it as public, anyone can refill the pot and if it is private, the pot location will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • Enter your address and save the details.

5. Maintenance

Bird Tap app- Pot Maintenance

  • You will be notified at 9 a.m every morning and thrice a day about filling the bowl.
  • Press the button after filling the pot and just intimate them by tapping on Done button.
  • You need to maintain the pot and refill it on regular basis.

Benefits of “The Bird Tap” App

  • This app provides regular updates of the earthen bowl to be filled.
  • People can initmate the trust about lack of bowls or shortage of pots at certain places.
  • Interested people can approach the distributors and install the app to update the photos and status of the earthen bowl on regular basis.
  • Regular updation helps the trust to measure the need for water bowls in certain areas.
  • This app ensures that these bowls are installed at the right places so that they are all mapped on the app.

Currently working in just Surat city in Gujarat, the Prayas team plans to have over 15,000 water bowls in an area of 100 square kilometers. The app is currently available only on Android and the Prayas team is working to make it available on iOS too. The Bird Tap app is just an initiative in Surat and if it gets success, they are planning to launch this app in other major areas of India. This app is not only a wonderful piece of innovation that supports a great cause, but also reminds us through our daily-life objects like phones and thereby teaches us how to serve the small creatures with love filled with compassion.

Download The Bird Tap App from Playstore for Android

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