April 24, 2022

The Fascinating History Of Online Slots

Online slots, a variant of online casino games, are getting increased patronage from people from all walks of life across the globe, especially with the proliferation of entertainment facilities over the Internet. Due to this wide range of options for online slots, it is among the most popular when compared with other forms of entertainment. More and more online slot games are appearing today, offered by several platforms and providers.

But have you ever thought about the history of these online slots? Interesting, right? In this article, we tackle the fascinating history of online slots.

Online Slots Are Swiftly Taking The World By Storm

Even the slightest mention of the term “casino” triggers images of sophisticated and wide gaming floors teeming with video slot machines. These make their presence in land-based casinos. Slots are regarded as the most popular casino game and account for a massive chunk of revenue. In the United Kingdom and Australia, they are known as “fruit machines,” and these video slots have come a long way ever since their conception.

It is interesting to note that while slot games have been around for several years, online slots have only existed recently. These casinos have made their way into homes, thanks to technology, with the use of websites and apps. Today, several online casinos exist offering slot games that players can access instantly. Plus, there is a multitude of choices.

Get To Know The World’s First-Ever Slot Game

Did you know the first-ever slot machine was a technological breakthrough in itself? This was when gambling started to be mechanicalized, adding a whole new different dimension to this form of leisure?

The first fruit slot machine game was the Liberty Bell, invented back in 1891 and tracing its roots in Brookly in New York. During the Great Depression, ironically, slot machines began to increase in popularity, with Nevada being the first state to legalize gambling, sowing the seeds to what would become Las Vegas.

Then, the slot machine became an instant hit, especially among women who then started to join their husbands in these establishments that host casinos. While their husbands indulged themselves in roulette and poker, their wives entertained themselves by playing the slot machines. Long after this, slot machine games started to expand further.

The Expansion Of The Technology

Technology, particularly the Internet, has opened various opportunities for different sectors, including the gambling industry. Nowadays, people can do almost anything online. As this technology continued to expand in the late 20th century and early 21st century, the experience with casinos also changed completely.

The invention of the first-ever video slot happened in Las Vegas, the home of casinos. The then-new computerized device began taking bets in 1976. The players were stunned and attracted by its glamorous and flashy color display, especially when they played to win the jackpot. This, too, became a huge hit, and these video slots soon made their way to bars, pubs, and casinos worldwide.

The Movement Of Slots To The Internet

Right at this very day, it has been less than 24 years since the first slot game was launched on the Internet way back in 1996. The first online casino was InterCasino, offering 18 games initially. Little did the people know that this online casino would boom and expand into a far-reaching industry. While InterCasino is still around today, it now operates in a rather saturated market.

As the industry of online casinos continued to gain momentum, gambling software came into existence. Among the biggest and most famous names in the industry of gambling that manifested this is Microgaming. It offered some of the most renowned casino titles online. As the first developer to craft the classy gambling software, it inspired many other gaming developers to create their respective titles each year since then. Today, many gaming developers online compete with each other, releasing award-winning online slot games with the most beautiful graphics to let players immerse themselves better into the game.

Online Slots: The Future

With everything that you have learned about the history of online slots in the previous paragraphs, it is also very interesting to know what the future of these online slots will be.

Contrary to what other people say, online casinos actually have not made land-based casinos redundant. Many people still enjoy visiting the luxurious casino resorts to play their favorite games. However, it is a fact that gambling has become a whole lot easier when its online versions came about. People can play casinos from the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, they can even be played on smaller screens such as via smartphones while on the commute or waiting for their next class.

With these being said, the future of online slots is bound to get even more exciting as technology continues to evolve. The emergence of the so-called virtual reality today is bound to offer more opportunities for online casinos so players can enjoy them better.

Why You Should Join The Bandwagon And Play Online Slots

Why should you hop into playing online slots and join the many people already immersed in the game? First, these games are now easy to play, thanks to the presence of online-based slot games. You can play literally whenever and wherever you want.

Many of these slot games today are also now compatible with a variety of handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You can browse through your social media news feeds at one point and then transition to your favorite casino game in just a few moments.

Second, there is a wide range of slot games you can play. These games also feature various themes like Egyptian, deep sea, fruit-themed, and so much more, name it. If ever you get tired of playing a specific slot game, there are more options to turn your attention to.

Third, many games are available 24/7. As opposed to land-based casinos that have their closing hours every day, online slot games are available to play all the time.

Fourth, believe it or not, many schools of thought would say that online slots have higher payouts compared to land-based slot games.

Lastly, online slot games provide easier payment methods. There are various payment methods that you only need to choose the most convenient option for you.

There are several electronic payment methods wherein you can deposit and place your bet without the hassles. Moreover, these are also safer than bringing with you lots of money around the casino.

Indeed, the future is very bright for these online slot games.

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